By APC Admin |

When we’re visiting houses, the first thing we often see is the driveway. Now, while we don’t like to judge a book by its cover, it’s a hard job getting family, friends, neighbors and even prospective buyers into your house without being confronted by the driveway first. With the knowledge that you don’t have a second chance to make a good first impression, we’ll be giving you insights on some of the things that you can do to make a good first impression.

One of the best ways to add value and appeal to your home is to pave your driveway in a way that complements your home. However, picking the ‘right looking paver’ is only the first step, choosing the right driveway paver type and paving your driveway properly is a whole other story..

When picking the right driveway paver there are a few things that we like to consider:

  • Choose the right colour, shape and material to suit your house.
  • Determine the slope or the gradient of your driveway. Does it slope towards the house or towards the street?
  • Types of vehicles that are likely to be used in the driveway. Consider the size and type of vehicle, will it need more grip and durability?

Considering things such as vehicles weight and how they move about your pavement when turning in or backing out are important in determining paver type, such as brick shaped pavers being more suited to heavier 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Additionally, flat driveways might have different needs to ones that are on an increasing slope. The benefits for those with flat driveways is a greater choice of paving options. Some of the pavers that we recommend at the moment include the Adbri Flagpave, a square paver about 250 mm square and 50 mm thick. They have a wide choice of colours and are excellent value for money.

Alternately you may like the Stradapave which are again great value for money, it is a 300mm square paver and slightly larger.