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Drivestone and Exposed Aggregate Concrete Paver - Mist

In every landscaping project, paving is often the most expensive item. Being one of the most permanent parts of the project, pavers have to be selected very carefully. Garden paving can be done creatively in many ways.

APC has a large collection of garden paving products, retaining garden wall products, and innovative paving ideas – most of the materials are versatile enough to be used for various spaces such as patios, walkways, pool decks, driveways, etc. while some are specifically meant for particular spaces.

Here are a few smart tips for choosing your garden paving material:

Know the pros and cons of the most popular paving materials such as brick, stone, concrete, pavers, decomposed granite, gravel, and tile – rather than blindly choosing this standard paving material
Calculate the average cost range
Check out various options in permeable paving and its advantages
Check out the latest options such as decorative concrete
Using sandstone, slate, limestone, etc. is relatively cheaper
Apart from the cost of materials, you also need to consider the exact functionality of the material and maintenance requirements. These three points would help you choose the right garden paving on a budget. You also need to consider the size of your garden space and the effect you want to create in it.