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pool paver ideas

Pool landscaping has always been done to add beauty or aesthetic value to its surrounding areas. The type of landscaping you can do varies as you’re no longer limited to just the perimeter of the pool, you can also add buildings or structural walls. That’s just to name a few.

We’ve collected different kinds of pool landscaping designs that will not only add aesthetic value to your yard but will also amaze your neighbours and visitors.

Inclusions Of Pool Fencing

Being a legal requirement in Australia, you’ve probably considered acquiring permission from the local council for constructing a fence prior to building your pool. If you’ve just started constructing your pool, it’s best to learn about the rules and regulations before proceeding with your construction.

pool fencing

State And Territory Rules On Fencing

State and territory rules may differ depending on the state you’re located at and the design you’re aiming for.

Fence Height Standards

Pool fences should have a minimum height of 1200mm from any ground surface. This applies to any lawn or decking. This is based on the premise that an average 5-year-old child with the intent to climb over something of this height would be unable to. If desired, you can still build a higher fence.

Paving Ideas For Surrounding The Pool

Paving has always been an essential part when it comes to pools. You can’t construct a pool without having paving in mind. Whether you plan to have it leading up to and surrounding your pools or have it wide enough to hold barbecue parties is up to you.

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pool coping

Getting Interesting With Pool Coping Choice

Pool coping plays a large part when it comes to pools. This applies whether you want to renovate your existing pool or build a new one. If you want to be a bit more trendy, leave the rounded bullnose edge and instead select the square edged copers. Most of the square edged copers have a small aris to ensure that the sharp edge is taken off.

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pool natural stone

Gorgeous Natural Stone

If you want to stick to your budget and still have an elegant look to your landscape, natural stones are your target. They’re durable and they don’t need a lot of maintenance making them an all-time favourite. Here’s one of our favourites, natural sandstone. Filled with warm tones you’ll surely find a colour to suit your taste. Aesthetically pleasing, it can easily blend and match with your furniture and plants. Pool paving may be the norm but if you want some tropical theme or get closer to nature, this stone rock pool will definitely fit right in.

Pool Landscaping Plants And Their Effect On The Feel

Adding plants to your landscape not only adds colour TO your yard but also gives additional privacy. Get the privacy you’ve always wanted without the feeling of being confined in a fence. Plant amaranths or bamboos. Perfect for the nature enthusiast, you won’t even realize you’re at your backyard. Don’t like the idea of tall walls? You can use hedging plants or shrubs. You’ll still get additional privacy but enjoy the breeze of the outdoors at the same time.

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Pool Areas With Elevations And Gradients

Pool elevations can change how a yard looks, which is why it’s important to always incorporate your pool design with your landscape. This prevents you from committing the most common mistake of having your pool looking out of place. An elevated pool with a retaining wall will make your landscape look seamless. Achieve this look instantly by using flagstones. They’re perfect for curved walls to match your pool.

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Retaining walls are an important part of a backyard and plays a vital role if you have a sloped area. If you plan on surrounding your pool or backyard with a retaining wall, it’s best to have it properly checked before starting your project. But that doesn’t mean you should stop looking around for the right materials.

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Pool Lighting

Adding a magical touch to your pool at night can be achieved with the right pool lighting. Whether you’d like soft twinkling lights to illuminate your backyard or continue your backyard party in a bright poolside area without being interrupted, the choices are unlimited. If you’re designing and constructing your pool landscape then adding lights should be high on your priority list.

pool paver ideas

LED Lighting

Halogen globe lights are now a thing of the past thanks to LED. They’re brighter compared to halogen globe lights and are far cheaper, which is why every store is now switching to LED. You don’t need to run to the store to change globes since LED lighting lasts longer. Change the colours of your pool lighting depending on your mood with the newest set of LED lighting.

pool paver ideas

Fibre Optic Option

Another versatile option would fibre optic lights. Add lights from your ceiling for indoor pools or have it installed on your pool floor. Achieve the latest trend of having star lights emitting from your pool floor.

pool paver ideas

Building Fixtures Instead of Furniture

If you’re more on the practical side and want your backyard furniture to last longer, why not try building fixtures instead? Sure they may be costly at the start but given you’ll never replace them again makes it all worth it. Make outdoor seats out of stone. They’re easy to dry and you don’t have to worry about drenched kids sitting immediately on cushy lounges after a dip in the pool. You even have the option of different colour range if you don’t want to stick to a boring grey colour. Check how you can create your own today!

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Pool Water Features For A Relaxing Feel

Water features can make a beautiful addition to your pool area. When added carefully, it can make your landscape design all come together.

pool features

Emulate A Waterfall

One popular addition to raised walls is to add a waterfall. This gives an air of grandeur to your wall and saves you time from thinking of ways to design it. Adding a waterfall feature doesn’t need to be high. It will depend on your preference and how loud it can be. This pool used a medium height for their water feature but the cascading waters can still be enjoyed even from afar.

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The Soothing Sounds Of Spouts

Waterfalls are not the only water feature option you can add. Adding water spouts have been a common choice for most backyards. If you prefer a subtler water sound, then spouts are the better option. They’re not deafening and you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon reading a book with the subtle water sound as a background.

The Only Thing Better Than Having a Pool is Having a Beautiful Pool Area!

Nothing compares to a beautiful pool area with the right design and materials. You wouldn’t want your pool looking out of place. A beautiful pool area should complement your home and landscape. If you’re not sure on an area or design, it’s better to ask for help rather than deal with the pitfalls at a later time.

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