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Retaining Wall Block - Bluestone

Retaining walls are generally constructed across heavy and/or uphill sides. They serve to support all the material that are pressed against them on the uphill or heavy side and bear their weight. As the name suggests this strong structure; basically has to hold itself up plus support all the material that it retains.

The material used for building retaining walls has to be chosen wisely. On compromising the quality of building materials and a solid design, you might have to face a major hassle later – even a complete rebuild in worst case.

Thus, consult with a professional while you choose your retaining wall materials; may it be for residential or commercial purpose. Australian Paving Centre is ever ready to present you the highest quality, latest designs in all kinds of paving materials – which also include an extensive range of retaining wall products.

APC guides you on what materials will work best for a particular wall type and provide you the same. We can help you with perfect selection of retaining wall blocks for your project; our prices also suit every type of project!

The actual process of building a retaining wall varies depending on the type of materials used and the size and shape of the wall. However, the basic purpose for choosing the right materials remains the same – ensuring water doesn’t percolate through the wall and doesn’t affect the wall directly, and ensuring the used materials are solidly compacted to prevent shifting of blocks.

Natural stone, brick, timber, and concrete are so far the best popular choices for building retaining walls.