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Retaining walls can be built in locations close to driveways and in places where significant stormwater build-up is expected, or in steep and unstable terrain. Retaining wall blocks should be constructed with special attention to detail to make sure the wall to be established has a firm foundation. Seeking approval from your local council is necessary before you can start constructing your retaining wall. Walls exceeding 800mm in height would essentially require approval from your local council. There are a few steps to follow in order to construct a DIY retaining wall that would be strong and last long.

  • Excavation – Mark out the area to be excavated according to the nominated depth and height. Start digging the area where the wall is to be built. Remove the roots, soft earth and debris from the trench.
  • Prepare the base – Lay concrete at the bottom of the trench. A great wall requires a good foundation and right backfill. It is vital to fill the trench to the desired size.
  • Laying the first course – Start laying the bricks in line according to the string attached in order to have a straight line and ensure the bricks are tightly laid. It is important to have water outlets at the bottom for water to escape.
  • Continue to lay the bricks till the desired height and lay a cap at the top for a fine finish.

It is necessary to have the right equipment and maintain health and safety measures while constructing a retaining wall. Always wear eye protection and proper work shoes to avoid any injury.

Download a PDF guide to know the steps for building a retaining wall.