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Gardens complete the landscape and design of a backyard. Even a small garden makes a big difference in adding appeal to a home - which in turn can help boost our moods. You may feel limited when it comes to designing a small garden. However, it doesn't mean that you can't have a beautiful garden.

We've collected brilliant ideas on how you can design your garden and turn it into an area that will not only add beauty to your home but also add value. Start transforming your small garden into an alluring masterpiece today.

Getting Started With Your Garden

Regardless of what anyone thinks a limited space has a lot of potential too. It is all about taking the first step and taking action. Prepare to revamp the look of your garden and read on how to get started.

Woman planting flowers in garden, low section

Measure Out Your Garden

It’s essential that you have the exact measurements of your garden. Then figure out which areas you would like to improve. From there, you would be able to gauge what items you could use or put in your garden. Measuring your garden is a great way to help you avoid overcrowding.

Visualise A Theme For Your Garden

One way to make this project easier is by visualising a motif and imagining what you would like to portray in your garden. You could choose from a variety of themes and, once you know what you want to do, this would help make the decision-making smoother. You get to focus on what kinds of plants, decorations and specific types of furniture to look for.

  • Classy and Elegant Theme
  • Simple and Chic Theme
  • Japanese Garden Theme etc.

Decide On A Colour Scheme

To properly coordinate and harmonise the look of your garden, it’s best to decide on a colour scheme. Visualise whether you want your garden to use bright tones or neutral tones. No matter what it is, as long as you properly combine colours and textures, your garden design will surely be a hit.

Find A Purpose Or Goal For Your Garden

It’s essential that you find a meaning for your garden. Quickly determine what can make all this fun and what would make you enjoy your time in the garden. Do you plan on relaxing after a long day? A family hangout? A pet playground? Whatever you decide, it’s important to make sure that it will make you happy.


Making Space For Your Plants

Plants and gardens go hand in hand no doubt. Plants are a perfect way to add freshness and

beauty to the surroundings. Adding plants to a small garden can be tricky. It doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to vines. Here are a few ideas you can try to steer your garden away from shrubs and vines. Just make sure to check whether the plant would be able to thrive in your garden as different plants have different needs.

Plant Your Garden In Pots

A great way to incorporate plants in a small garden is by planting them in pots. Not only is this idea a great space-saver, but there are also abundant pot designs available in the market that will give you more room for creativity. It could also help you organise the look of your garden as you will be able to move your plants efficiently.


Build A Mini Greenhouse

Make sure your plants grow big and healthy by building a mini greenhouse. By doing so, you will be able to provide an ideal growing condition for your plants.

Opt For Smaller Plants

The last thing you want to do is to overcrowd your garden and make your garden look smaller than it already is. One way to avoid that is by incorporating your garden with mostly small plants to create the illusion of more space.

Create An Illusion

In every situation, we need to learn to make the best of what we have. You can create an illusion to make your area bigger. Here are a few tips on how to make illusions great that even you wouldn't believe how small your garden started.

Paint Your Walls White

Make your garden look big and spacious by painting your walls white. White gives the illusion of extension. It's also a perfect canvas to show off any decor and enhance other colours. Painting the walls makes the room look bright and airy.

Place a Mirror Panel

Create a sense of space in a small area by visually reflecting light using mirrors. It might seem a bit unusual, but it’s indeed quite effective.


Use Lights

Home developers use light to draw focus and highlight certain features of a home. You can copy this to your garden and cleverly create a bigger space.

You can choose areas to highlight, such as pathways, borders, or seating area. However, careful not to go overboard as it can make space smaller.

When placing lights in your garden, veer away from shadows as it creates an illusion of a small space and will make your garden smaller. Place low-level lights in your garden but check that it won't cause a safety hazard.


Use Furniture To Your Advantage

Put function and practicality in your garden with the right kind of furniture.

Use Chairs That Stack Up

Keep your garden neat and tidy by putting away chairs that are not in use. If you have limited space, try to buy chairs of the same kind as they are most likely stackable.

Brighten It Up With Colourful Furniture

Don’t settle for a dull garden; use colours to make it pop. Use contrasting colours like yellow furniture on a blue wall to make your furniture stand out.

Use A Bench That Doubles As Storage


One smart way to keep your items and garden clutter-free is by using a bench that doubles as storage. Using a 2-in-1 product is not only practical, but you get to save space as well.

Create A Murphy Bar Outside

Don’t miss out on all the laughs and have the convenience of having your minibar outside with a murphy bar. Enjoy a drink, some fresh air and good times with friends. Easily pack them up and store when not in use.

Build A Mini Gardening Shed

A beautiful garden comes with significant responsibilities and having the right tools. Investing in a good set of gardening tools helps make your gardening easier. If you want to make them last a long time then you will need to build a place specifically for them.

You don’t need to build large storage if you’ll only use a watering can and trowel. Build a mini shed that caters to the exact size you need.


Make Use Of Every Space

Sometimes, an ignored space could turn out to be a quaint and charming area when you least expect it. Find out how with these inspiring ideas.

Create Shade With A Garden On Top

Surround yourself with the beauty of nature.

Create a stunning masterpiece using wall climbing plants and plant it on arches or canopies and watch nature do its work. You will be awe-struck once the plants have fully enveloped the whole structure. A simple trellis garden can work wonders for your space.

Hang Herbs On Your Wall

Spice up your cooking with fresh and fragrant herbs. They help to enhance the flavour of your dishes and offer nutritional value. Hanging herbs on your wall require minimal space to grow. Just use a couple of mason jars, small pots, small buckets or even a shoe rack to plant them in.

You’ll have more space in your garden by hanging your herbs. An added bonus? You won’t have to worry about weeds!


Place Shelves For Potted Plants

Looking for an ingenious way of showcasing your plants? Then start using shelves. You could choose a simple shelf or go extra creative as the designs are very versatile.

Instead of placing them all over the place, strategically position your plants in shelves. They look neat and you don’t have to tread carefully around your backyard.


Create Planters Under Your Kitchen Window

Improve the view that you see on your kitchen window by putting up a planter there. This idea gives both of your indoor and outdoor a lovely decor as the planters can be spotted and appreciated on both sides of the wall.

Cut the size of your garden bed by moving some of your plants to your planters. You don’t need to let go of plants or cut back because you have a small garden. You can still enjoy your garden without the feeling of overcrowded.

Use Your Fence To Hang Planters

Adorn your garden by hanging planters off the fence. It's very appealing, super space-saving and easy to do. Doing so will create more space in your area and creates an illusion of a wider garden.

Create A Floating Garden

Water features in a garden can immediately calm our senses. It also does not have to be big in order to provide a luxe feel.

Don’t limit yourself from achieving your dream landscape because of a small space. Want a water feature and a garden but don’t know how? Combine them both and make a floating garden.

There are many tutorials and easy to follow DIY posts about floating gardens. You can create yours in no time.

Display Pots Plants On A Pallet

Using pallets to display plants is artistry at its finest. Pallets are surprisingly very handy when it comes to your garden needs. Painting your pots white can create a modern aesthetic look paired with pallets.

Plus, it is very suitable for small gardens as it doesn’t consume that much space. Use this tip if you can’t hang planters on your wall or fence.


Create Tiered Planters

If you love plants, but you don’t have the necessary space for them, then the solution for that is tiered planters. They maximise the space efficiently and the result looks good.

You can easily manage your plants with tiered planters. Instead of placing them horizontally, you can make them a focal point of your garden. With this method, you can plant more plants in the future, just add another tier.

Grow A Spiral Herb Garden

If your garden has an odd shape, you can easily take advantage of that by using a spiral herb garden. Having a busy schedule can take your time away from decorating your garden.

If you liked the idea of tiered planters but have a strict schedule, the spiral garden is for you. You can easily create this in a day. You can even transfer your potted plants or herbs by the end of the day. Place this in the corner of your garden or make it the centre of your landscape. The versatility of the spiral garden will help you create the appearance of an open area.


Find Inspiration All Around You

With these ideas, we hope it has given you the inspiration to start with your landscape. You can always find inspiration around you. Remember to only place features you want to see and would use. With the right type of material, you can build a garden you wouldn’t believe started out with a small area. If you run out of ideas, you can always come back to this list.

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