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Patio Pavers Adelaide

Installing a patio in your backyard can convert regular outdoor place into a wonderful, beautiful and party area. Using patio pavers to decorate your backyard is inexpensive and lets you to develop an endless mixture of shapes, sizes and colors. It is very easy to Do It Yourself from start to finish; here are some steps to follow at time of Patio paving.

  • Clear and clean the area where you would like to develop and build the paver area. Remove shrubs and level up the ground. Tamp the soil of that area and create the firm bed for patio pavers.
  • Buy a landscape fabric to cover the bed and ensure that it fits to the area length and breadth wise. The fabric is porous so it blocks weed sprouting and allows water to flow in ground.
  • Levelling and smoothing the area with iron rake. Make sure that you have at least 2 inch layer of crushed gravel equally over the fabric.
  • Again tamp the crushed gravel so that the level is extremely firm. One more time add one layer of gravel and tamp it properly till it is firm. By this way pavers can be settled evenly and perfectly.
  • Spread the builder’s sand on the levelled part of your backyard area. The layer should be of 1 to 2 inch layered. Get 2 long and straight boards and place 1 on ground to get the prefect levelling and other on top of it to check out the foreground. Shimmy it along the walk and smooth the sand for next step.
  • Mix and match the size and colour of large patio pavers and get ready to work out for your desired design for outdoor area.
  • Start fixing patio pavers on the walk of line and see to it that those are on parallels. Now just start tapping the pavers according to design with the rubber mallet.
  • Now you have finished up fixing of the pavers on backyard area. It time to finish up the installation. After completion of pavers installing, just spread a small amount of builder’s sand on Patio paving. Just spread and push the sand with the broom and let it settle by hosing the area. This will fill up the area and remaining gaps between in the pavers.

Doing it yourself really benefits as it is cost effective and is very easy to work out as a project to decorate your backyard by making a place to relax and enjoy your time with loved ones, family members and friends.