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brick paving adelaide

Brick paving became popular in the late 70’s and are still with us today brick patio is still popular and trending.

The viable utilization of brick pavers in the 70’s and 80’s grew and become a fashion status of its kind and brick paving companies grew like mushrooms in paving industry supplying the demand of customers. The utilization of half bricks became the best solution to come over the shortage of retaining bricks and some contractors founded many ways of making half bricks an attractive and attractive patterns and designs at a low cost.

Today brick patio remains well-liked and there was increase in competitors to clay bricks such as cement half bricks and concrete interlock pavers. These products are called as brick paving and clay bricks today which are not offenly used.

Brick paving conclusively includes the functionality and unique look of areas such as

  • Driveways,
  • Outdoor patios and
  • Pool area surrounds

With different patterns and colour choices that give interesting variation and contrast to current surroundings, brick pavers create a unique look and feel. If there are any broken pavers then it is easy to repair by simply removing the brick from the damaged area and replacing it with the exact same brick and material.

Before finalising the backyard or outdoor space to renovate, you should first plan the surface that needs to be paved thoroughly. The ground needs to be levelled, layered with the hammer tool so that ground will be robust for paving. Once the area is ready, it should be covered with river sand on which the bricks are laid.