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House exterior with swimming pool

Having a pool in your backyard has many advantages. A cool place, a private pool where you can exercise, an area where you can entertain your guests. But have you surveyed the surrounding area?

In deciding the new look for the pool area, bear in mind that the pool must coordinate with the landscape design. Every aspect adds beauty to the tranquillity of your pool backyard. Time to change the look, turn your pool backyard into an oasis and improve the landscape with these tips.

Accents For An Eye-Catching Pool

Adding elements to your pool will not only make it eye-catching, but it will also boost fun and relaxation. Try these accents to create a holiday atmosphere in your pool backyard.

Add A Bridge

Take a step further and build a bridge in the middle of the pool. The style will elevate, that will captivate and delight your guests. Adding a pool bridge goes beyond a typical square pool. It’s like having your resort within the comfort of your home.

Use Firepits To Add Warmth

If you love swimming at night, but the temperature is low, it’s perfect to use a fire pit to keep you warm and cozy. Wouldn’t it be nice to wander and gaze in the fire? It creates a romantic feel and dramatic atmosphere. Plus, sitting by the fire also has its meditative benefits.

A Waterfall That Mimics A Resort

There’s a reason why most pools in the resort have a waterfall. A waterfall can give aesthetic value to the pool. But did you know that listening to a trickling sound of water helps you meditate and relax? Adding a waterfall that flows into the pool creates a sound of trickling water.

A waterfall can also be beneficial to a pool because it keeps the water moving and cleans itself.

Mix Both Fire And Water Elements

Fire and water feature is one of the hottest trends in the pool landscape. You could place fire and water bowls or fire pit with flowing water onto the pool.

Enhancements For Better Enjoyment

Swimming isn’t the only thing you can do in a pool backyard. Create an entertaining space with a pool house or a raised deck for fun and casual activities.

Build A Simple Pool House

A pool house can be a villa or a cabana. Having a pool house can make everything you need within arms reach. So guests don’t need to enter your home to use the bathroom or to get food and drinks. A pool house may also contain outdoor patio and furniture which can be an entertainment area too.

Add A Raised Deck

A raised deck can provide an inviting and comfortable exterior space for guests. You can put a hammock, a fire pit, and an outdoor kitchen and you can also use the area for parties and get together.

Keep Kids In Mind

Don’t forget that creating a pool landscape should be safe and fun for kids too.

Have Fun With A Slide

What better way to keep kids entertained (and not bother you) is to build a pool slide. It’s like having a water park in your backyard. It’s also an enjoyable way to make memories and bond with your kids while they’re young.

Use Hammocks

Kids can take a nap in the hammock for a lazy afternoon or after many slides in the pool. Swaying on a hammock in your pool deck can lull your kids to sleep.

Light Up Your Pool At Night

Adding lighting to your pool will provide a safe environment at night. If you place the lights strategically, it will create a stunning effect. It will improve the ambience of your outdoor landscape.

Use String Lights

String lights are easy to set-up and energy efficient. The illumination is enough to give an ambient and cozy atmosphere in the pool. Low voltage lights can illuminate and highlight a feature softly.

Underwater LED Pool Lighting

If you’re still using old underwater lighting in your pool, it is time to upgrade to LED lights. They are energy efficient, consuming as little as 42watts. The LED light also lasts 50x longer than incandescent.

Flower Bed With Rope Lighting

Rope lighting is one of the most accessible types of garden lighting. Rope lighting is offered with LED where you can even choose in different colours ranging from classic LED or rainbow-coloured lights. Add rope lighting to the inner edges of the pool border to make the flowers glow too.

Add Spice By Using Colours

Colours are also an essential element in a landscape. Before selecting your tiles and furniture, know what theme you desire. Is it a tropical villa, a natural lagoon, a hotel resort, a contemporary or modern outdoor space?

Coloured Tiles

Colour of the pool tiles has a significant impact on the look of your pool landscape. To create a sky blue pool water, use white mosaic tiles. If you’re leaning towards turquoise water, use beige tiles. For a refreshing pool, use cobalt blue tiles. If you’re wondering how to achieve a mirror-like pool, use black mosaic tiles. For transparent pool, use red mosaic tiles.

Once you have chosen your tiles for the pool, choose a different colour for the borders to make them pop. The tone of the pool surrounds, should be in contrast to the pool water. If you choose a sky blue pool water, consider a dark hue like dark granite or bluestone.

Coloured Furniture

Add a splash of colour in your furniture. However, keep in mind that the colours you choose and place in the surrounding area affect the colour of the water in the pool. So it’s best to stick to a theme.

Create A Different Look With Furniture

The durability of the material and comfort of the cushion is also essential. Before getting your new furniture, ensure that the two characteristics are present.

Add Daybeds and Sun Lounges

Any daybeds and sun lounges are perfect alongside the pool. Lounging, listening to laid back music or reading a book, sounds like the best holiday at home. They’re great for an outdoor party or for a weekend nap too.

Hang Sheer Curtains

To add a sense of privacy, you can hang sheer white curtains in your pool house or lounge bed.

Make Use Of Plants

When it comes to pool landscaping, the plants in the form of trees can function as shade from the hot sun. Plants can be incorporated into any theme whether its tropical villa or modern. The key to achieving the best landscape for your pool is to plan accordingly.

Adding Privacy

Plants can also be a great way to keep you safe from prying eyes. If you're exposed from outside, use plant boxes and place them in the critical areas. Tall plants and vines can make your pool backyard feel secluded and private.

Tall Plants You Can Use

The leaves of Areca palms are full and thick which makes it a great privacy screen because they can grow up to 15-20 feet.


You can subtly add privacy by planting vines and letting them creep on the fence. They look natural and can turn your pool backyard like a secluded retreat instantly. Vines that you can plant are Carolina Jessamine, Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Trumpet vine. Wisteria vines multiply and have a delicate scent. It can creep in pergolas, trellises, and posts.

Mimic A Tropical Paradise

To create a tropical paradise, surround your pool with plants that are a little bit exotic. Palm trees, Papyrus, and Hawaiian Hibiscus can make any backyard look tropical.

Low Maintenance Plants

Remember to choose plants that are suitable around the pool as some may shred easily and can get in the pool. Dried leaves can clog pool drain and filters. Sun exposure is also a significant factor. Consider plants that can tolerate direct sunlight and chlorinated water splash.

The best plants around the pool should be easy to maintain, can withstand humidity and look great all in all.

Factors To Consider When Using Plants

Some factors to consider before you start purchasing or digging the soil for your plants.

Size And Shape Of Your Area

The question to ask is how big the plant will get when it's full grown? Will it grow and reach the edge of the pool? Do not overcrowd a small pool area with plants because it may compromise the quality of their growth. Keep in mind that some plants need to be at least 6-8 feet away from the pool.

Design the landscaping and consider the lifetime size of plants especially trees.

Scent Of Plants

Enjoy nature and breathe in sweet-scented plants that smell amazing. Some scented plants like citronella and lavender can repel mosquitoes and bees.

Climate And Microclimates

The water, plants, deck, and others affect the temperature in the pool backyard. It produces a unique microclimate. Know how much concrete or hard surface is going to be around the plants because it will affect the microclimate. So if you have a hardscape patio, it absorbs heat and makes the microclimate warm and hotter for plants.

Other Factors

Other complex factors should be taken into consideration. These include maintenance
balance on design, variety, and others.

If you need help on deciding, it is best to consult with an expert to handle these things. So you can focus on the easy part and achieve the best look of your pool landscape.

Something For Everyone

Swimming in the pool is synonymous to fun, relaxation, and rejuvenation. It isn’t just an exercise, but it’s also a calming activity for everyone. So turning your pool backyard into a private oasis can be a great way to spend a holiday without breaking the bank.

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