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Fire pit surrounded by chairs on a patio

Not everyone has a backyard space large enough to accommodate an Olympic pool or a budget big enough to afford an acre of sprawling garden cared for by professional landscapers.

But a yard is a yard - no matter the size. And artistry is inherent to human nature - no matter his financial position. Anyone with a creative imagination can transform an unused backyard area into a charming space that will encourage you, along with family and friends, to spend time outdoors, dine al fresco style, cultivate a therapeutic garden, and recharge by the poolside after a busy workweek.

So read on and let the creative juices flow because we’ve gathered a collection of stylish designs you’ll definitely appeal to your senses and will probably want to emulate in your own backyard space as well.

1. Create a Standout Feature

If you’ve admired several of your friends’ yards or seen the multitude of images on the internet, you’ll notice the ones that stand out are usually the ones that have a focal feature. It brings attention to that single structure and gives the impression of being well ordered. A backyard with a massive collection of plants and shrubbery and a hodgepodge of furniture doesn’t really inspire style and luxury, nor does it give the impression of ease and comfort.

A freestanding chimney can provide significant warmth on nippy nights. A koi pond or a water fountain can have therapeutic effects during pensive moods. Even a firepit can turn your backyard into a well-loved part of the house to gather loved ones around.

Add any one of these features to suit your lifestyle and blend the rest of the space around that feature to complement it.

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2. Pergola Overflowing with Blooms

Shade a couple of bistro chairs and an outdoor table with a pergola overflowing with vines native to Australia like Wisteria or Ornamental Grapes. Then invite a friend over because then you’ll have the perfect lunch spot for quaint entertaining.

Place comfortable seating under your pergola in a quiet corner of the yard and create an instant reading nook or a private and romantic area tucked away from the busy household.

If your property has a spectacular view, strategically place your pergola to take advantage of that view so you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

You can also create a flat wooden structure made of wood as its floor or build it in together with the pergola if you don’t prefer putting tables or chairs underneath its shade. Polish that wood then place colourful pillows on them. Grab a book or your laptop and your DIY sun deck will provide a great spot to laze around during summer afternoons.

3. Lavender - Lined Pathway

Pathways are considered to be more of a recreational feature of a landscape. Usually, a meandering path that aims to provide access to your landscape.

If you already have paths leading to your garden’s feature, plant fragrant Lavenders to border the pathways. Lavenders are practically indestructible (some even last for decades!) and come in different hues that are all visually pleasing. Plant your Lavenders during sunny weather and on well-drained soil heavily mixed with organic matter. Water them deeply but infrequently and prune them in early spring. If you’re a garden lover with a green thumb, this option is perfect for you.

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4. Road To Rome: Stone Walkway

A walkway is a utilitarian surface that’s mostly used to access areas in the yard that experience more traffic. A way to get to the shed or the clothesline, walkways are often straight and practical to provide direct access.

You can build your walkway to resemble the Road to Rome design. This design has a charming, historical look that hearkens back to ancient times. You can use concrete moulds to make your own distinctive paving stones. Install the paving stones in place by pouring the concrete, levelling it, and carefully lifting the mould off.

There are other materials that are ideal options, too, if you prefer something more modern and if this best fits the design of your home. Natural stones like Honed Bluestone, Turfgrid, and Limestone Travertine are just a few of the many beautiful choices.

If you want to add borders to further emphasize your walkway, make sure the material you use complements the design of your walkway.

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5. Hang a Hammock

Spend your weekends reading a book or listening to the sounds of nature around you on a carefully placed hammock shaded by a canopy of trees.

There are so many types of hammock designs out there you wouldn’t believe it. There are hammocks that are supported by wooden or metal stands so you can move it around your yard and place it in an area that is sufficiently shaded. Or if you prefer a flat surface, a hanging bed (or cushioned chair) suspended from your patio’s ceiling or a thick and sturdy tree branch might be an ideal option for you. Is your landscape quite modern making a hammock look utterly out of place? Consider putting a gyro chair or a sphere chair that will serve the same purpose but will provide an ultra-modern look to your yard.

Spread out some twinkling lights on the tree branches just above your hammock so you can enjoy it during the evenings, too.

6. Freestanding Circular Stone Island

Do you have a little extra space and more furniture? Try creating a stand-alone circular stone island yourself. The unusual shape will be visually stimulating and draw attention to that part of the yard.

Dig a shallow, circular shape on your backyard, add paving stones, round up some comfortable chairs, then create a built-in fire pit in the middle. Create an arbour, too, or a draped fabric ceiling if you prefer not to bask in the sun all day or to serve as protection from the occasional drizzle. Now you can spend cozy evenings around the fire and quiet conversations with your family.

You can also place this island in the middle of your yard to turn this into a focal feature. Plant grass on the lawn and create stone pathways that lead to a side garden on the border of your yard.

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7. DIY Pacific Patio Pool

This is a very novel idea for an instant pool fit for your kids on summer days. Use a large metal tub from the farm store to serve as pool, add a filtering system behind the fence, then create a mini waterfall that pours over your pool. Make sure to place it on a rocky or paved surface to avoid muddying up the area around it.

If you want to make this pool as the focal feature of your backyard accent it with a flourishing vertical garden near your waterfall for a tropical paradise feel. You can also line garden stones on the edges of the hard surface your pool is sitting on to smoothly transition the hardscape towards your lawn.

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Choosing the Right DIY Project

Regardless of size, landscape, or the design of your home, there is always a style that will fit your backyard perfectly. All it really takes is a bit of inspiration and an unflinching determination.

Before even deciding on which layout you want to implement, assess your lot first. Work with what you have, find hidden potentials, and enhance your backyard by unravelling that potential. When you’ve finally decided on a design, remember to make the space cozy by using complementing colours and textures. It is also best to work with as little decor as possible, it gives the impression of being neat and organized, airy and fresh.

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