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Bluestone is popular for being one of the most versatile natural stones that are used for paving and landscaping. Bluestone is more commonly known as Basalt and is used in a number of residential and commercial paving and landscaping projects. Being one of the hardest wearing materials with great durability, this type of natural stone is an ideal choice for outdoors.

Bluestone naturally comes in different enhancing colours. Since it is a quarried product, the depth at which it is extracted from determines its colour. Deeper the stone quarried, more unique colour would the stone exhibit. Thus, you can get true natural colour shades in your chosen Bluestone varieties. Porous nature of Basalt enables it to hold and bear water for longer.

Here are some of the top advantages of Bluestone paving


  • Extremely strong and long lasting
  • Available in various sizes, shapes, and natural colour shades and textures
  • Cost effective
  • Easily installable
  • Being a high density material, ability to withstand harsh weather conditions


However; in order to prevent it from getting damaged due to heavy foot traffic, scratches, stains, and dirt, sealing the blustone pavers or blocks while lying is must.

Because of its varied advantages, Bluestone can be used for walkways, driveways, garden sidewalks, garden paths, stepping stones, patios, backyard, poolside, and much more.