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By APC Admin |
One of the newest products to hit the outdoor space recently in the South Australian market include a new exposed Aggregate Paver range from Adbri Masonry. This product is not only loved because it’s easy to install, but also because it looks great, it’s unique and it’s also affordable. This is rare for a premium paver.

What are the differences between exposed aggregate shotblast pavers and standard pavers?

The process changes the paver surface. Adbri Masonry is a manufacturer that uses a specialty technique with a ‘shot blast machine’, which textures the top of the paver. This treatment removes the smooth top layer of the paver, and exposes the natural beauty of the inner aggregates.

This is a designer look that leaves a rougher finish on the paver surface, which makes it more slip resistant – perfect for areas exposed to more water or oil elements such as pool, driveways or barbeque areas. The main thing that people love is that the feature aggregate will inject lights and texture into your space – and it almost sparkles in the sun!

What are the differences between sandblasting and shotblasting?

In basic terms, sand blasting removes paint from a surface, whereas shot blasting removes a small fraction of the top of a paver surface. Shot blasting will reveal the quality inner aggregates and stones within the paver. With the new range from Adbri, it’s definitely something you want to show off!

If you’re looking for an even trendier way of utilising your premium shot blast pavers, there’s nothing better than blending some different pavers together. We’re noticing a beautiful trend coming from Europe where they blend a variety of format paver sizes and complementing colours. It really gives your outdoor space a new look and dimension! A really simple way to do this is to use borders and header courses in your paved areas. These can be different sizes of colours from the exposed aggregate range – there’s so many to choose from!