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Concrete Pavers and Bricks

Bricks and pavers are our bread and butter. We stock and sell the Best bricks and pavers in Adelaide, SA & Victoria. Boral pavers, Adbri concrete pavers are our main point of difference compared to what we sell on Gumtree pavers.

The types and styles of concrete pavers are limitless. APC supply grass pavers , concrete paving stones, cement pavers, permeable pavers,cobblestone pavers for all types of pavement.

Concrete is a versatile product that can have colours mixed to create great paving patterns and paving styles.

Rather than poured cement, concrete paving is more commonly used in Adelaide for paving outdoor areas because of its durability, tough surface and overall look. More importantly unlike poured concrete pavers will not crack & you can lift them up at any time to check or move underground services.

APC has a wide range of concrete paving, concrete pavers and concrete paving blocks and concrete sleepers to cater to your specific requirements. APC offers concrete pavers in many different colours, patterns, textures, thicknesses and designs.

Concrete is an ideal material for high use applications; particularly high traffic areas. Driveways, walkways, street footpaths, pools and patios are the most common places where concrete paving is found. Concrete pavers offer great durability while imparting an attractive look to its surroundings & adding value to your home, unlike poured concrete.

Different styles of concrete blocks and paving can also be combined if you want to create a unique look for your property in Adelaide; for example, around your pool or driveway. Alongside their durability, concrete pavers and blocks are renowned for their tendency to withstand cracking. Concrete pavers and blocks offer you an even surface that now retains its colour for many years.

Australian Paving Centre stores are committed to provide the highest standard of paving and retaining wall products. We take pride in stocking the best quality of concrete paving in Adelaide and biggest range of concrete pavers and blocks, tiles, and retaining wall products. If you’re looking for decorative concrete or exposed aggregate concrete paving products for your home, please remember this product will crack at some stage.

Here are a few reasons to choose concrete pavers:

Premium quality concrete pavers
Long lasting (wont crack like poured concrete)
Great value for money (cheaper than decorative or exposed aggregate concrete)
Extremely strong and tough
Available in a large range of colours, styles & finishes
Available in a wider variety of shapes, sizes & thicknesses than other pavers

APC will provide you with the most suitable concrete pavers and blocks to meet your needs – at the right price!

Head down to one of our display stores located around Adelaide or Victoria . You’ll find the local APC display centres have the knowledge, variety of products & price to help you buy pavers and retaining wall blocks.

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