Quadro Sidewalk Pavers - Charcoal 400 x 400 Pavers

Beautiful Garden Path Ideas

Transform your backyard and delight your eyes with these beautiful and stunning garden path ideas using stones, bricks, pavers, and other materials
Clay Courtyard Pavers - Earth Straw & Slate

Paving Patterns

Paving patterns can be used for a functional purpose as well as for aesthetics. Your paving pattern can be important for your project.
Wallstone Garden Edge Blocks - Oatmeal

Garden Walls And Garden Edging

Designing garden walls and garden edging is a good use of idle space. Unused corners can become the perfect place to house herb and vegetable gardens.
cleaning pavers

Keeping Your Pavers Clean

Pavers give stability to a structure and add a decorative element to the surrounding areas of any home. But how do you keep them clean? Find out here.

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