Natural Stone Pavers

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Arctic Marble Pavers | French Pattern Marble Pavers

Arctic Marble

Arctic Marble is natural stone with a distinctive and elegant look that will never go out of style. Suitable for pools, patios and more.
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Baltic Marble Pavers | French Pattern Marble Pavers

Baltic Marble

Baltic Marble is a highly durable paving stone perfectly suited for the outdoors as it is low maintenance and hardwearing.
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Beige Limestone French Pattern Pavers

Beige Limestone

Beige Limestone Pavers are available in a French Pattern finish that looks timeless for Courtyards, patios and alfresco areas.
Black Granite Pool Pavers

Black Granite

Black Granite pavers and floor tiles are low maintenance and hardwearing, which makes them an excellent option for indoor and outdoor flooring.
$69.95 m2
Black Limestone | 600 x 600 Pavers

Black Limestone

Black Limestone is a luxurious natural stone that has exceptional durability and makes the perfect choice for your indoor and outdoor spaces.
Black Slate 400 x 400 Paver

Black Slate

Black Slate Pavers are a natural stone with a slate finish making them the perfect choice for your outdoor spaces. Great for patios, courtyards and more.
$69.95 m2
Blizzard Granite | 600 x 300 Pavers

Blizzard Granite

Blizzard Granite Pavers is the perfect choice to elevate your outdoor spaces, combining strength, elegance, and easy maintenance.
Bluestone Cobble Pavers

Bluestone Cobble

Bluestone Cobbles are ideal for fan and curved designs, so no matter the pattern you choose these cobblestones will add an instant charm to your home.
from $79 m2
Bluestone Marble Outdoor Pavers

Bluestone Marble

Bluestone Marble pavers and tiles make the perfect decorative stone for indoor and outdoor flooring, feature walls, entertainment areas and more.
Bluestone Marble Cobble Driveway Pavers

Bluestone Marble Cobble

Bluestone Marble Cobble pavers have many features and are a great choice for driveways, pathways, garden edging and fire pits. Find out more.
from $63.95 m2
Classic Mix Travertine Pool Coping Pavers

Classic Blend Travertine

Classic Blend is an assortment of travertine that gives off a versatile and natural look that can be used indoors & outdoors for a seamless living area.
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Classic Cream Travertine Pool Pavers | 600 x 300 Pavers 30mm

Classic Cream Travertine

Classic Cream Travertine pavers and tiles are durable and hard-wearing making them the perfect option for indoor and outdoor areas for seamless living area.
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Country Classic Travertine Pool Area Paver

Country Blend Travertine

Country Blend Travertine is a unique and timeless paver that can be used in several patterned finishes to give a personalised touch to your home.
Crazy Paving - Classic Travertine

Crazy Paving & Cladding

Our APC Exclusive Crazy Paving & Cladding is the perfect addition to any living space. These unique Travertine pavers add charm to any landscape design.
Desert Sandstone 400 x 400 Pavers

Desert Sandstone

Desert Sandstone pavers have an earthy colour, ranging from warm beige and subtle creams to rustic coppers and muted greys.
Driveway Cobbles

Driveway Cobbles

Driveway Cobbles are tumbled cobbles made from basalt, which is known for its strength and durability. They are lightweight, easy to handle and install
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Gold Travertine Paved Driveway

Gold Travertine

Gold Travertine pavers have a rich warm colour, giving your indoor or outdoor area a naturally welcoming look and feel. Find out more with APC!
Grey Granite Outdoor Pavers

Grey Granite

Grey Granite pavers are also slip-resistant, making them safe to use around wet areas, entertaining areas, patios, pathways and more.
Grey Sandstone 400 x 400 Pavers

Grey Sandstone

Elevate your outdoor spaces with Grey Sandstone Pavers. Crafted from genuine, natural sandstone, these pavers bring a touch of nature to your home.
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Medium Light Travertine Honed and Filled Tiles

Honed and Filled Travertine

Honed and filled travertine is a process which seals the naturally porous travertine and gives them a smooth finish yet maintains their elegant look.
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Honed Bluestone

Honed Bluestone

Honed Bluestone are durable and hardwearing pavers that can be used indoors and outdoors for a seamless living area. Find out more today!
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Ironstone Red Travertine Pool Pavers - 600 x 300 Pavers

Ironstone Red Travertine

Ironstone Red Travertine is a one of a kind paver that adds a unique personality to your home. Travertine is perfect for pools and more.
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Medium Light Travertine

Medium Light Travertine

Medium Light Travertine pavers and tiles have a soft and smooth finish which gives off a natural and welcoming feel to your home.
Natural Sandstone - Mint Dusty

Natural Sandstone

Choose natural sandstone pavers to add flair to your outdoor area. Choose from our teakwood or mint dusty variations. Contact us for more information!

FAQ about Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone is slightly more expensive but it’s a more superior product and is more appealing. Natural Stone has additional features and benefits over concrete pavers. Natural stone pavers include Travertine, Bluestone, Limestone, Sandstone, Granite and Marble.

Travertine is the most popular stone pavers. They are cool under foot, look impressive, hardwearing and are versatile. At APC, we have 12 different types of Travertine available in a huge range of colours to suit any home.

Travertine is a popular choice for patios, entertaining areas and pools. It is a luxurious stone that feels nice to walk on. It is cool under foot so perfect for areas outside and in the sun. You can view our Travertine range here.

Natural stone pavers are generally seen as being more durable, easier to maintain and much more attractive. They also last a lot longer.

APC Has you covered for Natural Stone Pavers in Adelaide

Our range of natural stone pavers have a classic, natural beauty that adds a luxurious feel and look to your home. You’ll add instant value to your home with our elegant and premium range. The distinctive features of natural stone pavers and their ability to be used in multiple ways around your house is what makes it one of the most popular choices for homes. Not only do they look luxe and timeless but they are low-maintenance, durable and available in a wide variety of colours, textures and finishes.

Here at Australian Paving Centre our range includes Travertine pavers, limestone pavers, bluestone pavers, granite pavers, sandstone pavers and more. 

They come in a range of matching tiles which means you can use these products both inside or outside your home to create a seamless finish with the one product.