Patio and Alfresco Pavers

Made in SA
Alfresco Smooth Paver - Pool Pavers

Alfresco Smooth Pavers

Smooth Alfresco Pavers are quality large format pavers with a smooth finish for a classic and modern look that will never go out of style.
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Arctic Marble Pavers | French Pattern Marble Pavers

Arctic Marble

Arctic Marble is natural stone with a distinctive and elegant look that will never go out of style. Suitable for pools, patios and more.
$15.95 each
Attenstone Grande | Honeycomb | 600 x 400 Paver

Attenstone Grande Pavers

Australian Paving Centre's Attenstone Grande Pavers are hardwearing, slip resistant pavers with a lightly textured finish for a classic look
Made in SA
Attenstone 400 x 400 Paver - Fossil

Attenstone Pavers

Attenstone Pavers are durable and hardwearing with a lightly textured finish which will give your home a classic and stylish look.
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Limestone Outdoor Pavers - Beige

Beige Limestone

Beige Limestone Pavers are available in a French Pattern finish that looks timeless for Courtyards, patios and alfresco areas.
Black Granite Pool Pavers

Black Granite

Black Granite pavers and floor tiles are low maintenance and hardwearing, which makes them an excellent option for indoor and outdoor flooring.
from $79 m2
Bluestone Marble Outdoor Pavers

Bluestone Marble

Bluestone Marble pavers and tiles make the perfect decorative stone for indoor and outdoor flooring, feature walls, entertainment areas and more.
Bluestone Marble Cobble Driveway Pavers

Bluestone Marble Cobble

Bluestone Marble Cobble pavers have many features and are a great choice for driveways, pathways, garden edging and fire pits. Find out more.
Centurystone Large Format Pavers - Cream


Centurystone is a premium large format paver with a washed stone texture which gives a touch of sophistication that will never go out of style.
from $63.95 m2
Classic Mix Travertine Pool Coping Pavers

Classic Blend Travertine

Classic Blend is an assortment of travertine that gives off a versatile and natural look that can be used indoors & outdoors for a seamless living area.
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Classic Cream Travertine Pool Pavers | 600 x 300 Pavers 30mm

Classic Cream Travertine

Classic Cream Travertine pavers and tiles are durable and hard-wearing making them the perfect option for indoor and outdoor areas for seamless living area.
Classic Stone - Limestone 400 x 400 Pavers

Classic Stone Pavers

Classic Stone Pavers are the perfect option for alfresco, courtyard, entertaining area and patio or garden path. Request a quote today!
Coastal Stone 400 x 400 Outdoor Pavers - Driftwood

Coastal Stone 400 x 400 Pavers

Coastal Stone 400 x 400 pavers are classic large-format concrete pavers that feature clean saw cut lines inspired by natural stone. Learn more at APC!
Coastal Stone 450 x 450 Outdoor Pavers - Charcoal

Coastal Stone 450 x 450 Pavers

Coastal Stone 450 x 450mm pavers are classic large-format concrete pavers that have a contemporary edge giving any home a modern luxury look and feel.
Tradies Choice
Coastal Stone Pavers - Smoke 500 x 500 Pavers

Coastal Stone 500 x 500 Pavers

Coastal Stone 500 x 500 concrete pavers are bound to impress with their subtle tones and natural variation in colour and texture.
Coastal Stone 600 x 400 Bullnose Pavers - Buttermilk

Coastal Stone 600 x 400 Pavers

Coastal Stone in size 600 x 400 pavers are classic large-format rectangular pavers which have a washed texture resembling aged natural stone.

FAQ about Patio and Alfresco Pavers

We have the best patio pavers range in Adelaide to choose from. Visit your local APC store near you to view our amazing patio paving displays. For those who are handy, we have a huge range of DIY information to help you through every step of laying your pavers. Alternatively, we have preferred licensed Tradies to quote for any paving installation.

APC Has you covered for Patio and Alfresco Pavers in Adelaide

Here at Australian Paving Centre we have an extensive range of patio and alfresco pavers that come in a range of colours, sizes and textures to suit all homes and lifestyles.

At APC, we’re all about helping our customers achieve their dream home and our range of patio and alfresco paving will help transform your outdoor space into a stunning and inviting entertaining area. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or creating a relaxing space for outdoor gatherings, our durable and hardwearing paving solutions are designed to elevate your outdoor living.

Features and Benefits of Entertaining Area Paving:

  1. Hardwearing and Durable: Our patio and alfresco pavers are built to withstand the demands of life as well as the South Australian weather conditions. Crafted with quality materials, our pavers ensure long-lasting beauty and functionality for your entertaining space.
  2. Slip, Stain, Scratch, and Salt Resistant: We understand that safety and maintenance are crucial when it comes to outdoor paving. That’s why our range also includes slip-resistant, protecting you and your guests from potential accidents. Additionally, our range of pavers include stain, scratch, and salt resistant, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance, even in high-use areas.
  3. Wide Range of Options: At Australian Paving Centre, we offer an extensive selection of pavers to suit your unique style and design. From large format pavers to elegant marble, timeless Travertine, limestone, granite, charming cobblestone, versatile concrete pavers, crazy paving, bluestone, stoneware, porcelain, natural timber look, terrazzo and rustic clay, we have the perfect paving solution for every taste.

Enhance your patio or alfresco area and create an inviting space that seamlessly integrates with your outdoor surroundings, providing a stylish and functional entertaining area for all occasions.

Experience the beauty, durability and versatility of our patio and alfresco pavers. Browse our collection today and discover the perfect paving solution to transform your outdoor space and entertaining area.

Our pavers include stain and slip resistant and can come in a range of brick, concrete, large format, natural stone, traditional and contemporary styles that make a lasting impression for your patio and alfresco areas.

Our patio pavers also include Travertine, bluestone, granite and porcelain which all include matching paving tiles that are suitable for your outside entertaining areas and inside spaces as well. Large pavers are perfect for a more contemporary modern style whilst our clay pavers or brick pavers include more traditional paving styles and colours. Paving patterns can also change the appearance of a paver as well as mixing complementary colours and even types of pavers to create stylish designs.

We have a product to suit any budget from our more cost effective range to our high end premium products. We can work with your budget to help you achieve your dream home.

At APC, we’ve had the privilege of serving customers all over Adelaide for all their patio and alfresco paving needs. Whatever your home improvement project, DIY or building a new home, at APC we have the largest range of products in Adelaide. Contact us now for more information or to request a quote.