Concrete Sleepers

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Cement Sleepers

Cement Sleepers are perfect to use for vertical boundary or retainer walls. Visit us instore for more information on this product.
Concrete Sleepers

Concrete Sleepers

Looking to buy Concrete Sleepers at the best prices? The steel reinforced and structurally strong Sleepers are available in a range of colours and sizes.

APC Has you covered for Concrete Sleepers in Adelaide

Concrete sleepers are a strong, durable and reinforced retaining wall product that is used for a range of different retaining purposes. Designed to hold and make your walls sturdy for years to come, they are designed to be used in tight spaces and boundaries.Available in a range of colours and finishes they are perfect for retaining walls for properties, garden landscaping, block separation and more.

You need to keep in mind that concrete sleepers tend to be around 2m long and weigh as much as a person and heavy to manoeuvre.

If handling and installation could be an issue, view our range of Retaining Wall Blocks which are a cost effective option and great for the DIYer.

Speak to our expert staff at APC on how we can help you with your retaining wall project.