Garden Walls

Tradies Choice
Backyard Block - Charcoal

Backyard Block

The Backyard Block is easy to use, low maintenance and requires no mortar so you can easily take on this DIY project yourself.
Freestone Block Garden Wall and Steps | Ebony Exposed

Freestone Block

Freestone Exposed Finish Blocks glisten in the light adding a subtle elegance to your home. Visit one of our many stores located in SA to find out more!
Garden Stone Blocks Sandstone - Garden Edging

Garden Stone

Enhance your outdoor area with Garden Stone blocks. They are light and easy to handle, making them great for DIY landscaping projects.
$5.95 each
Grey Easy Lock Block | Retaining Wall

Grey Easy Lock Block

Grey Easy Lock Block is an interlocking system which allows blocks to be easily stacked on top of each other, which ensures a quick and easy construction.
Honed Block

Honed Block

Honed Blocks have strength, durability and ease of construction, so these blocks can be used for commercial and residential use.
Limestone Block Natural Water Feature Block | Natural Quarry Cut Large Block

Limestone Block Natural

Natural Limestone Blocks | At APC we have strong, low maintenance and easy to install blocks, making them great for DIY projects.
Limestone Block Reconstituted Feature Wall Block

Limestone Block Reconstituted

Limestone Block Reconstituted is made from cement & crushed limestone, which gives a natural rustic look that will add character to your home
Miniwall Round Planters


Miniwall® garden blocks are great for straight, curved or circular walls. Contact us for an instant quote or visit us instore today.
Sandhurst Stone - Charcoal

Sandhurst Stone

Sandhurst Stone concrete blocks are suitable for DIY projects at home as well as commercial walls. Visit us instore or get an online quote today.
$12.95 each
Textured Easy Lock Block | Retaining Wall | Appin Stone

Textured Easy Lock Block

The Textured Easy Lock Block retaining wall system is the premium retaining wall choice for near vertical and very high retaining walls.
Versaloc Building Blocks


No mortar is required for Versaloc® blocks making them easy to stack on top of each other, ensuring quick and easy wall construction. Get it at APC!
Versasmooth Raised Garden Wall Blocks - Oatmeal 400 x 200 Blocks - Watson’s Landscaping


Versasmooth™ has a smooth block face which in guaranteed to enhance your garden by adding form and texture. Find out more today!
Versastone Garden Wall Blocks- Steel


Versastone blocks have self-locating lugs which allow each unit to stack on top of each other, without the need for mortar or adhesives.
Wallstone Retaining Wall with Cap - Oatmeal


Wallstone garden wall blocks with the look of natural rock are small and light weight, which makes them quick and easy for home use.
Wallstone Grande Garden Wall - Charcoal

Wallstone® Grande

Wallstone® Grande features a medium block face and comes in a contemporary range of colours. Perfect for garden walls and edging, vertical walls and more.

FAQ about Garden Walls

Concrete garden wall blocks are the best blocks to use for your garden wall. They are easy to build, versatile, economical and will last you a lifetime. Whats more, they are also DIY friendly so you can complete the build yourself. To help you choose your garden wall blocks, you can also read about What are the best Garden Walls here.

Many garden wall block products make it simple to build your garden wall as they often require no mortar. This means you can take on this DIY project yourself. We have a range of simple garden wall products where are available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes. We recommend our Garden Stone product as no mortar is needed, no capping units and are easy to stack.

There are a range of garden wall blocks you can use. You need to determine if you are building a straight garden wall or a curved garden wall. This will help work out which product is the right choice for your garden wall. To help you choose your garden wall blocks, you can also read about What are the best Garden Walls here.

Yes. Building a garden wall can be relatively simple and can be a DIY project. Garden wall blocks and fairly light weight and easy to handle. Some have interlocking features to help with building and some don’t require capping units to make it even easier. You read our DIY Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Garden wall here.

APC Has you covered for Garden Walls in Adelaide

Garden walls are a fantastic way to add instant visual impact to your landscaped gardens in both your front or back yard of your property. One of their main key features and benefits is that you can create different, separate levels on a sloping block allowing you to maximise the overall usable space in your surroundings.

Garden walls are becoming increasingly popular to separate sections of your yard or landscaping and act in a way to create a focal point of your property, create garden beds, veggie patches or provide separation to your lawn areas. Our range of garden walls are also perfect for DIY projects.

No matter if you are an expert tradie, landscaper or wanting to tackle a DIY project we have a wide range of garden blocks and walls suitable for you. So if you are looking to update or enhancing your courtyard, or wanting concrete wall blocks for garden edges, specially designed blocks for terraces, outdoors and garden wall steps you can’t go past our range at Australian Paving Centre.