Garden Edging

Bluestone Cobble | Natural Split Cobblestone Pathway

Bluestone Cobble

Bluestone Cobbles are ideal for fan and curved designs, so no matter the pattern you choose these cobblestones will add an instant charm to your home.
Bluestone Marble Cobble Driveway Pavers

Bluestone Marble Cobble

Bluestone Marble Cobble pavers have many features and are a great choice for driveways, pathways, garden edging and fire pits. Find out more.
from $2.95 each
Garden Edge Block - Charcoal

Garden Edge Block

Garden Edge Blocks are easy to install and ideal for lawn and driveway edging! Contact APC for an instant quote.
Garden Stone Blocks Sandstone - Garden Edging

Garden Stone

Enhance your outdoor area with Garden Stone blocks. They are light and easy to handle, making them great for DIY landscaping projects.
Green Acid Replacement - 5 Litre

Green Acid Replacement

Green Acid is a safe alternative to harsh acids, replacing hydrochloric acid in the removal of cement residue, mortar residue and efflorescence.
$19.95 each
Grey Step Stones | Step Stone 600 x 600 Paver | Grey

Grey Step Stones

Create pathways through your garden and lawn area with Grey Step Stones. Durable, low maintenance and can be arranged to suit your specific space. 
Lawn Edge - Charcoal

Lawn Edge

Our lawn edge pavers create a crisp, polished transition between your garden bed and lawn. Call Australian Paving Centre for more information.
Miniwall Round Planters


Miniwall® garden blocks are great for straight, curved or circular walls. Contact us for an instant quote or visit us instore today.
Sandhurst Stone - Charcoal

Sandhurst Stone

Sandhurst Stone concrete blocks are suitable for DIY projects at home as well as commercial walls. Visit us instore or get an online quote today.
Step Stone Garden Pathway Pavers - Charcoal

Step Stone Pavers

Step Stone Pavers are perfect for garden pathways or for side pathways around your house. Come visit one of our many stores in SA and find out more!
Stepping Stone Pavers

Stepping Stones

For enchanting stepping stone pathways or for around the side of the house, stepping stones look great and are easy to maintain.
$13.95 each
Timber Stone Pool Pavers

Timber Stone

Timber Stone pavers portray the natural look of timber without the high maintenance and have the strength and durability of stone. Find out more with APC!

FAQ about Garden Edging

Garden edge blocks are the best material for garden edging. They are perfect for straight-line areas, and they won’t rot like wood products. They won’t become brittle and break like plastic products and won’t rust like metal products.

Our Garden edge blocks are all designed so that any home owner can install them. They require no digging and due to their height, they are perfect for separating lawn and mulch areas. View our garden edge blocks here.

Our lawn edge is an economical yet attractive garden border. It is easy to install and makes mowing easier due to its unique design. View our budget garden border Lawn Edge product here.

Using garden edge blocks is a great DIY option, looks great in any garden and can be used as a single block line or add an additional block for added height. Garden blocks are a versatile product and are the best material to use as they won’t rot, become brittle or rust like other products.

We have the best garden edge range in Adelaide to choose from. Visit your local APC store near you to view our amazing garden edge displays. For those who are handy, we have a huge range of DIY information to help you through every step of installing your garden edge.

APC Has you covered for Garden Edging in Adelaide

Australian Paving Centre stock a wide range of garden walls and garden edging throughout Adelaide. Both garden walls and edging are an ideal solution to not only transform your landscaping or garden, but also add value to your home. Garden walls help to maximise your garden areas and garden beds whilst making it neat, tidy and streamline.

We offer a selection of colours, shapes, sizes and textures, as well as multiple functions to suit all your needs for your garden walls or edging. Our products are versatile, allowing you to install premium walls, planters, edging for flower beds, lawn edging, veggie gardens and more.

Australian Paving Centre provide a variety of garden walls that can help improve the visual appeal of your courtyards, backyard or front yard. They also make a perfect addition in decorating feature areas like terraces, steps, pool areas and retaining wall features.