Paving Maintenance

DRIWAL P6 - 5 Litre

Driwal P6 Sealer

Driwal P6 is a calcium reactive, long-life silicone preserver and impregnation sealer, which keeps concrete, brick and stonework looking clean and new.
Elastacrete 20L


Elastacrete replaces water in Kemgrip Floor & Wall to make an adhesive that has flexibility, strength, improved bond strength and is chemical resistant.
Green Acid Replacement - 5 Litre

Green Acid Replacement

Green Acid is a safe alternative to harsh acids, replacing hydrochloric acid in the removal of cement residue, mortar residue and efflorescence.
GuardIt Paving and Concrete Cleaner

GuardIt Paving and Concrete Cleaner

GuardlT Paving & Concrete Cleaner is a high performance cleaner for the removal of grease, oil & grime from hard surfaces
Kemgrip Floor & Wall 20kg


Kemgrip floor and wall waterproof tile adhesive for fixing porcelain, stoneware, travertine and bluestone tiles to concrete, cement render in wet areas.
LB9 Glazing Liquid - 5 Litre

LB9 Sealer

The LB9 sealer serves as a penetrating surface coat on pavers. This produces a thicker and glossier finish which repels staining, weathering and dirt.
Pave Set 30kg

Pave Set

If paving any high foot traffic area, Pave Set is required to fill the gaps between pavers and bricks to secure their positioning and eliminate movement.
Silicone S50 - 5 Litre

Silicone S50 Sealer

Silicone S50 is an excellent product consisting of a 50/50 mix of silicon-based Driwal P6* and a gloss acrylic-based sealer LB9.

APC has the best range of Paving Maintenance in Adelaide

Australian Paving Centre knows and specialises in all things paving and pavers. Which is why we believe that the upkeep and long life span of all paving and pavers should be matched with premium Paving Maintenance and Sealers. There are a few Paving Maintenance and Sealers that we believe to be the best in the market. Of which can create additional protection and make your pavers look newer and last longer. Ideal for all areas with heavy foot traffic – including driveways, patio and pool areas. Choosing the right sealant is important as different pavers require a particular type of paving sealer. Sealants can sometimes slightly change the appearance and finish of your pavers. We recommend discussing your job with our expert staff to help you choose the right sealant. Sealing your pavers is an ideal solution to making your pavers last longer and for restoring existing paving looking brand new. It also helps with general upkeep as a result need less maintenance after installation. Sealants do not apply solely on pavers; they are also ideal on a variety of materials such as: Concrete Floor Tiles Interlocking Pavement Limestone Sandstone Bluestone Paving sealers are easy to apply, long lasting and hard wearing. They also act as weed inhibitor and can improve soil resistance. What does this all mean to you? It means value for money and a long life span for your investment and paving. Explore our range below or visit your nearest Australian Paving Centre today for more information.