Garden Landscaping Blocks Adelaide

Aussie Block Retaining Wall - Bondi Blend

Aussie Block

The Aussie Block are sturdy durable blocks suitable for vertical retaining walls, straight or curved retaining walls or garden edging, steps and more.
Tradies Choice
Backyard Block - Charcoal

Backyard Block

Our APC Exclusive Backyard Block is easy to use, low maintenance and requires no mortar so you can easily take on this DIY project yourself.
$21 each
Breeze Blocks - Ivory

Breeze Blocks

Our APC Exclusive Breeze Blocks are durable, long-lasting and incredibly versatile, making them perfect for fences, feature walls, and screen walls.
Cement Sleepers - Cove

Cement Sleepers

Cement Sleepers are perfect to use for vertical boundary or retainer walls. Visit us instore for more information on this product.
Coloured Easy Lock Block - DIY Wall Blocks - Mist Exposed

Coloured Easy Lock Block

Our APC Exclusive Coloured Easy Lock Block is designed to make your retaining wall project a breeze. Build a retaining wall with these lightweight blocks.
Concrete Sleepers

Concrete Sleepers

Looking to buy Concrete Sleepers at the best prices? The steel reinforced and structurally strong Sleepers are available in a range of colours and sizes.
Edge Stone Garden Edging - Charcoal

Edge Stone

Whether you're revamping your garden or creating a fire pit area, our APC Exclusive Edge Stone blocks are the perfect choice for your backyard.
Freestone Block Garden Wall and Steps | Ebony Exposed

Freestone Block

Our APC Exclusive Freestone Exposed Finish Blocks glisten in the light adding a subtle elegance to your home as they are made from 40% recycled glass
Garden Border - Lawn Edging - Bluestone

Garden Border

Our APC Exclusive Garden Border is affordable, lightweight with an aggregate finish and versatile, making it a great addition to any backyard project.
from $2.95 each
Garden Edge Block - Charcoal

Garden Edge Block

Garden Edge Blocks are easy to install and ideal for lawn and driveway edging! Contact APC for an instant quote.
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Garden Stone Blocks Sandstone - Garden Edging

Garden Stone

Enhance your outdoor area with our APC Exclusive Garden Stone blocks. They are light and easy to handle, making them great for DIY landscaping projects.
$5.95 each
Grey Full Block 390 x 190 x 190mm

Grey Block

The Grey Block is a concrete masonry building block that is suitable for a variety of building and landscaping projects. Find out more today!
$5.95 each
Grey Easy Lock Block | Retaining Wall

Grey Easy Lock Block

Our APC Exclusive Grey Easy Lock Block is an interlocking system allowing easy stacking, ensuring a quick and easy construction and great for DIY.
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Heathstone Block Wall and Steps


Our Heathstone Retaining Wall Blocks are versatile and stylish. These blocks feature a framed splitface finish, perfect for creating corners, steps and straight walls.
Honed Block

Honed Block

Honed Blocks have strength, durability and ease of construction, so these blocks can be used for commercial and residential use.
Junior Block - Oatmeal

Junior Block

The small block face of the Junior Block makes this product ideal for constructing your own retaining walls, building garden walls and planter boxes.
Lawn Edge - Charcoal

Lawn Edge

Our lawn edge pavers create a crisp, polished transition between your garden bed and lawn. Call Australian Paving Centre for more information.
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Lightstone Block Garden Wall Block

Light Stone Block

Create durable and beautiful retaining walls with our lightweight Light Stone Block. Perfect for DIY projects, masonry steps, garden beds, and walls.
Limestone Block Natural Water Feature Block | Natural Quarry Cut Large Block

Limestone Block Natural

Natural Limestone Blocks | At APC we have strong, low maintenance and easy to install blocks, making them great for DIY projects.
Limestone Block Reconstituted Feature Wall Block

Limestone Block Reconstituted

Limestone Block Reconstituted is made from cement & crushed limestone, which gives a natural rustic look that will add character to your home
Miniwall Round Planters


Miniwall® garden blocks are great for straight, curved or circular walls. Contact us for an instant quote or visit us instore today.
Duostone Retaining Wall

Natural Impressions® Duostone

Duostone is a multi piece retaining wall system which has five block sizes that when used together creates a random, natural looking wall. 
Flagstone Retaining Wall Blocks - Bluestone

Natural Impressions® Flagstone

Flagstone is an easy DIY wall system that features varying face profiles which, when used together, create the impression of natural stack stone walls.
20% Off
Rockface Block - Bluestone

Rockface Retaining Wall Block

Rockface Block is an affordable and attractive wall solution that's easy to install. Large hollow blocks, lightweight, perfect for DIYers.

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FAQ about Garden Landscaping Blocks

To give you an indication of the breakdown of costs, if a landscaping project was to cost $5,000, the product materials will cost about $1,666 or about 33% of the total job or quote. In addition, the breakdown of the labour for this $5,000 project would cost about the same as the product materials which is another $1,666 or about 33% of the total job. The balance of these costs of about 33% are made up of sand and rubble, dump fees, earthworks and other miscellaneous costs.

Landscaping blocks can start from $3 each. At APC, our popular Garden Edge blocks are cost effective, lightweight and easy to install so they are great for DIY landscaping projects.

There are many garden landscaping blocks that do not require adhesive glue. Many can be stacked and do not require any capping units. If you are looking for an easy DIY landscaping block, view our Garden Stone blocks, Edge Stone blocks and our Miniwall.

Landscaping block are blocks used within your garden to create lawn edges or garden edges or feature walls. We have a large range of garden wall and garden edge products that are perfect for any landscaping project you may have.

Landscaping blocks are also known as garden blocks or garden walling. They are blocks used within your garden and landscaping that help to create garden beds, garden walls, lawn edging or feature spaces in your garden areas. At APC, we have a huge range of DIY landscaping blocks and we can help by providing you with step by step guides to create your garden wall.

Landscaping blocks can start from $3 each. At APC, we also have a range of seconds and specials available from as little as $2 each. We recommend contacting your local APC store to check what stock they have available.

APC Has you covered for Garden Landscaping Blocks in Adelaide

Transform your outdoor space into a stunning retreat with our versatile and stylish range of Garden Landscaping Blocks. Whether you’re a seasoned tradesman or a landscaping enthusiast, these blocks are designed to elevate your garden to new heights.

At Australian Paving Centre, we understand the importance of having a garden that reflects your unique personality and style. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of retaining wall blocks and garden wall blocks that cater to various design preferences and project requirements. From classic to contemporary, rustic to modern, we have something for every taste.

Our Garden Landscaping Blocks are expertly crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting beauty. Whether you’re constructing a retaining wall, creating raised beds, or building a decorative feature, our blocks are built to withstand the test of time and the elements.

What sets our blocks apart is their versatility. With our range of sizes, shapes, and colours, you can let your imagination run wild. Construct visually captivating garden walls, planters, or even steps that seamlessly blend into your landscape. The possibilities are endless, and with our blocks, you have the power to turn your garden dreams into a reality.

Not only do our Garden Landscaping Blocks offer aesthetic appeal, but they also provide practical benefits. They can help control soil erosion, define different areas within your garden, and create level surfaces for easier maintenance. With their easy installation process, you can start enjoying your transformed garden in no time.

Explore our Garden Landscaping Blocks collection today and unlock the potential of your outdoor space. With our wide range of options, friendly customer service, and commitment to quality, we are here to help you create a garden that reflects your personal style and enhances your outdoor living experience.

Australian Paving Centre is your source for Garden Landscaping Blocks in South Australia. With 15 stores throughout South Australia there's sure to be an APC store near you.