Aussie Block Retaining Wall - Bondi Blend

Aussie Block

The Aussie Block are sturdy durable blocks suitable for vertical retaining walls, straight or curved retaining walls or garden edging, steps and more.
Freestone Block Garden Wall and Steps | Ebony Exposed

Freestone Block

Freestone Exposed Finish Blocks glisten in the light adding a subtle elegance to your home. Visit one of our many stores located in SA to find out more!
$5.95 each
Grey Easy Lock Block | Retaining Wall

Grey Easy Lock Block

Grey Easy Lock Block is an interlocking system which allows blocks to be easily stacked on top of each other, which ensures a quick and easy construction.
Junior Block - Oatmeal

Junior Block

The small block face of the Junior Block makes this product ideal for constructing your own retaining walls, building garden walls and planter boxes.
$12.95 each
Textured Easy Lock Block | Retaining Wall | Appin Stone

Textured Easy Lock Block

The Textured Easy Lock Block retaining wall system is the premium retaining wall choice for near vertical and very high retaining walls.
Versaloc Building Blocks


No mortar is required for Versaloc® blocks making them easy to stack on top of each other, ensuring quick and easy wall construction. Get it at APC!
Versasmooth Raised Garden Wall Blocks - Oatmeal 400 x 200 Blocks - Watson’s Landscaping


Versasmooth™ has a smooth block face which in guaranteed to enhance your garden by adding form and texture. Find out more today!
Versastone Garden Wall Blocks- Steel


Versastone blocks have self-locating lugs which allow each unit to stack on top of each other, without the need for mortar or adhesives.
Versawall Retaining Wall and Steps - Charcoal


Versawall® Blocks stack together easily making them perfect for all DIY segmental retaining walls, garden edging and planter boxes.
Wallstone Retaining Wall with Cap - Oatmeal


Wallstone garden wall blocks with the look of natural rock are small and light weight, which makes them quick and easy for home use.
Wallstone Grande Garden Wall - Charcoal

Wallstone® Grande

Wallstone® Grande features a medium block face and comes in a contemporary range of colours. Perfect for garden walls and edging, vertical walls and more.

FAQ about Steps

The best product to use for garden steps are garden wall blocks with matching capping units. These products are design specifically to be used as garden steps. They are DIY friendly, versatile, come in a range of sizes, colours and textures and are a very solid material for your steps. You can read our Building Steps guide here for how to build steps.

Garden wall blocks are the best material for outdoor steps. Step blocks look attractive and can add value to your home. They are strong and sturdy and you can also incorporate lighting for safety. Timber can rot or warp over time in weather conditions and collapse.

Our outdoor step products are DIY friendly so you’re able to build your own outdoor steps. The blocks are lightweight and easy to handle and with the matching capping units means you will have a uniform consistent look. Step blocks also come in a range of colours, sizes and finishes and will complement any home.

The height and depth of each garden step should be uniform to minimise tripping and falling. We recommend each step should fall between 150mm and 180mm. Garden wall step  blocks have the perfect depth to create steps. You can read our Building Steps guide here.

Solid block steps do not have an overhang. The capping units placed on top of the step blocks will have a minimal overhang which will reduce tripping and falling. An overhang is not required or recommended for garden steps.

We have the best steps range in Adelaide to choose from. Visit your local APC store near you to view our amazing steps displays. For those who are handy, we have a huge range of DIY information to help you through every step of building your steps. Alternatively, we have preferred licensed Tradies to quote for any steps installation.

APC Has you covered for Steps in Adelaide

Here at Australian Paving Centre we have a wide range and variety of products suitable for creating steps for around your home.

You need to ensure you choose products that are suitable for your home. At APC, our expert staff can help you choose the right step products that suits your purpose and complement your home. Our steps range include matching capping and bullnose pavers to give your steps a seamless look. You can also mix and match your capping unit or step block colours and textures to create some visual appeal.

With our range of sizes, colours and finishes, our step systems will provide value to your home as well as functionality. We also have a number of DIY friendly steps products and our Knowledge Centre provides you with ‘how to’ resources.

Speak to our staff at Australian Paving Centre who can help advise what is the best block system to suit your needs.