Stone Cladding Materials for Every Style

Australian Paving Centre is your choice for Stone Cladding Adelaide.

Stone cladding is a thin layer of stone that can be applied to buildings. Feature walls, fireplaces, pool surroundings or other structures adding depth and texture to any design. At Australian Paving Centre we have a massive range of stone cladding Adelaide. No matter the look you are after you can achieve a contemporary, country, coastal or rustic design. Our team are experts in designing, educating and assisting with all your needs.

Stone Cladding Solutions.

Australian Paving Centre is the solution to your home’s every stone cladding need. Select from the wide array of materials suitable for any design and taste preference below. If you have any questions do not hesitate at all in reaching out to a team member today.

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Why Consider Cladding Your Home?

Homeowners prefer installing stone cladding for their homes for aesthetic reasons as well as the durability and protection it provides. A home clad in stone becomes low maintenance and well-insulated from the harsh elements.

If you live in the warmer regions of Australia, cladding your home with stone is highly preferred since it doesn’t trap heat inside the house. 

The timeless and elegant look stone cladding provides will add immense value to your home.


An Industry in Itself

There’s an entire industry nowadays dedicated to engineering stones to make them look like natural stones. 

Architectural stones. Manufactured stones. Veneer stones. This slurry of cement, aggregates, and iron oxides baked in textured moulds is highly-preferred as cladding materials both for homes and commercial buildings. The cement in these stones makes them solid and stable while the iron oxides provide lovely pigments to the finished product.

They’re light, easy to cut, have very similar sizes, and are widely available. It’s no wonder why these stones are making their mark and creating a lucrative industry.

APC’s Arctic Stone, Contemporary Stone, Dressed Edge, Dry Stacked, and South Coast Limestone are its prime offerings to the market in need of stone cladding materials. These products are stylish and will make installation a breeze.