Wall Cladding

Arctic Stone Wall Cladding Outdoor Shower - Limestone

Arctic Stone

Arctic Stone compliments any style of application from house facades to warming a living room wall to a poolside water feature.
Bookleaf Cladding - Traditional Blend

Bookleaf Cladding

Bookleaf Cladding is travertine from Turkey with a split face rock finish and available in four colours. Suitable for fire pits, feature walls and more.
Coastal Cladding Fireplace - Travertine

Coastal Cladding

Coastal Cladding is a rustic stone that captures the character of the Australian coastline. Suitable for fireplaces, wet areas and more.
Dry Stack Wall Cladding - Natural Grey

Dry Stacked

Dry Stacked stone has a rustic charm which adds warmth and character to any home. Visit your local APC store for more information!
Tradies Choice
Ledge Stone Wall Cladding - Travertine

Ledge Stone

Ledge Stone wall cladding gives timeless beauty to any application, whether it’s your house facade, fireplace, poolside feature or general landscaping.
from $135 m2
Travertine Wall Cladding - Traditional Blend

Pitched Travertine Wall Cladding

Pitched Travertine Wall Cladding is ideal for outdoor & indoor projects. Wall Cladding is a the choice for feature walls & fire places.
South Coast Lime Stone Wall Cladding

South Coast Limestone

South Coast Limestone works great as cladding for your walls as it will add timeless flair to your household facade, retaining walls, even chimneys.
from $99 m2
Stackstone Cladding - Cream

Stackstone Cladding

Transform your walls and add instant appeal with our modern Stackstone Cladding. Excellent for internal and external applications.
from $146 m2
Stoneer Cladding

Stoneer Cladding

Stoneer Cladding is an irregular style of cladding with each piece having its own unique shape to achieve a random and organic pattern.
Tradies Choice
Stoneware Cladding - Ebony 1200 x 600 Cladding

Stoneware Cladding

Stoneware Cladding is durable, hard-wearing, and scratch-resistant, making them the perfect choice for fireplaces, retaining walls, fencing and cladding.

APC Has you covered for Wall Cladding in Adelaide

Here at Australian Paving Centre we have a wide range of Stone and Wall Cladding solutions for all your projects and building needs. 

Stone and wall cladding are a thin layer of stone that is applied to an area that adds depth, texture and design. The most popular application of cladding are to projects like; feature walls, fireplaces, pool surroundings, entertaining areas and more. Not only that, but you also have the ability to use them both outdoors and indoors.

Wall and stone cladding is timeless and elegant and will provide value to your home. Not only is our cladding range stylish, but they are easy to install and great for the DIYer.

If you are trying to achieve a contemporary, coastal, rural or rustic look, you will be sure to find what you are looking for in a rang of different styles, textures and colours.

Explore our range of cladding options below or visit one of our many Australian Paving Centre locations throughout Adelaide.