How To Cut Mitres Corners On Retaining Wall Caps

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Cutting mitres are commonly known to professionals as a custom way of cutting blocks. Most homeowners who undertake retaining wall projects DIY has the misconception of cutting the wall caps from corner to corner. This results in a wall cap where they meet at the edge but leaves you with a wide gap at the back. That doesn’t mean you need to look for a professional tradie to cut them for you.

Cutting Mitres Corner Without A Tape Measure

In our easy-to-follow guide, all you’ll need are wall caps, a pencil, a brick saw, and your safety gear.

1. Stack two wall caps on top of each other. Make the bottom cap horizontal while the top wall cap is vertical.

2. Line up the two corners to make sure you get the right measurement. You should see an excess from both the top and bottom caps where they dissect each other across.

3. Mark the corner of the wall cap until it reaches the part where both the caps dissect each other.

You’ll get a perfect 45-degree angle without using a ruler or tape measure.

4. Interchange the top and bottom caps then repeat the same steps to get the same measurement.

5. Make sure you have your safety gears on such as your gloves, earmuffs, and safety goggles before using a brick saw. Cutting wall caps is dangerous as rubble or small debris may fly off. So make sure no one is standing close to the brick saw.

6. Hold the wall cap in place and follow the line under the blade without turning the brick saw on. Pour water on the wall cap then follow the line.

7. Cut the other wall cap using the same method from step 6.

8. Place them on top of the retaining wall and revel at your handiwork.

A Custom Finished Look

Your wall has now a custom finished look, and no one would guess you’ve undertaken the project DIY. If you need a visual guide on how to cut corners, check our video below.

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