How much does it cost for a Retaining Wall in Adelaide?

Rockface Block Raised Retaining Wall - Bluestone

Undertaking home improvement projects and retaining wall installation can be hard to compare and work out costs, especially when it comes to DIY and retaining wall contractors. At APC, we outline the various costs to help you make a more informed decision.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that there are a lot of retaining wall installers that will cost the product that suits them, rather than what suits your needs. To best control the costs of your retaining wall installation, choose and purchase the retaining will product yourself. Look at the features and benefits of various options. There are also many DIY friendly retaining wall blocks should you choose to do the job yourself.

To give you an indication of the breakdown of costs, if a retaining wall project was to cost $5,000, the product materials will cost about $1,666 or about 33% of the total job or quote. In addition, the breakdown of the labour for this $5,000 project would cost about the same as the product materials which is another $1,666 or about 33% of the total job. The balance of these costs of about 33% are made up of sand and rubble, dump fees, earthworks and other miscellaneous costs.

Advantages of Concrete Sleepers / Cement Sleepers

  • Generally laid on a boundary wall for ease of installation
  • Used as an alternative for tight spaces
  • Streamline and strong

Advantages of Retaining Wall Blocks / Segmental Blocks

  • Come in a huge range of colours, sizes, textures and finishes
  • Easier to handle being individual blocks
  • DIY friendly – easy to construct
  • You can build it in your own time
  • You can also create near vertical walls, terraced walls, curved walls, various heights and lengths
  • Easy to make adjustments or changes to your project at any time
  • Create steps easily
  • Matching range of caps from bullnose to split face
  • There is a block to suit any retaining wall project
  • Easy to handle
  • Can be used for multi-purpose projects (including seating)

Your retaining wall can look great with the vast amount of retaining wall block products on offer. However, you can go a step further and use your retaining wall to create some highly functional and striking features in your yard.

Consider making your retaining wall by incorporating the following dual purpose ideas –

  • Seating spaces
  • Fire pits
  • Creative garden beds
  • Sunken courtyards
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Adding lighting or steps

You can read more about making the most of your retaining wall here –

Use our retaining wall builder to help you choose the right product for your needs.

Retaining Wall Builder

Use our retaining wall builder to help you choose the right product for your needs.


Plan meticulously to minimise wastage and ensure the optimal amount of materials is purchased.

Product Choice

Opt for products aligning with both your budget and aesthetic preferences. Also keep in mind functionality – what do you want from your retaining wall block? Do you need something for dual purpose? It’s important to consider every aspect before choosing your product.

Handling and installation

You need to consider how you intend to handle and install concrete sleepers as they tend to be around 2 metres or more and can weigh as much as a person. Concrete sleepers and cement sleepers require multiple people to handle and install them because they are difficult and heavy to manoeuvre.

Retaining wall blocks are much easier to use, only requires one person to handle and install which makes the job easier.

DIY will save on labour costs and can save you waiting for a Tradie. There is also the satisfaction of completing a job yourself. If you want to tackle a DIY job, at APC we have a range of DIY guides to help you get the job done.

Professional installation may provide a more polished finish and can be beneficial for particularly challenging jobs.

Retaining Walls for your home is not just an investment; it’s a lifestyle choice. With a comprehensive understanding of costs and comparisons, you’re well-equipped to creating the right retaining walls for your home.

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