Brick Pavers Adelaide.

Brick Paving Adelaide.

Australian Paving Centre are your local supplier for all brick pavers Adelaide. Brick pavers are extremely popular throughout Adelaide for their versatility. Low maintenance, large colour range and flexible paving pattern options. Our brick pavers are also an extremely strong and durable option for driveway paving. Brick pavers can match traditional style homes due to our range of red pavers or cream pavers. They can also complement a more modern and contemporary look with our darker and earthy tones and paving pattern styles. Brick pavers are multi-functional and can be used for any paving project around your home. View our extensive range or visit your nearest Australian Paving Centre to view them for yourself and take home a free sample.

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Brick paving comes in materials such as clay pavers and concrete pavers and we also also have slip resistant pavers plus our brick pavers come in 40mm, 50mm or even 60mm which is suitable for commercial paving. Our brick pavers are suitable for driveway paving if using our 50mm option. You can further enhance the strength and durability of your driveway paving if laid using a herringbone or basket weave brick paver pattern.