Clay Pavers

Clay pavers provide a unique finish through its rich, earthy colours and texture giving them the perfect heritage look. These pavers are durable, low maintenance, slip-resistant, so they are suitable for busy areas. Clay pavers can be used for driveways and walkways, garden pathways, or patios and alfresco areas.

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Why Use Clay Pavers?

The use of clay pavers brings an earthy feeling to your outdoor areas. Instantly enhance the appearance of your outdoor space and give it a timeless beauty. Clay pavers are hard-wearing and extremely durable, which makes them the perfect choice for outdoor paving.

Advantages of Using Clay Pavers

Clay pavers are known for their versatility, and it provides a lot more benefit that makes this paver a home project favourite.

  • Easy Maintenance
    Clay pavers are easy to maintain. You can hose it down or sweep them clean. Even with heavily soiled pavers, a little scrubbing using a mild detergent will do.
  • Slip Resistant
    Keep your guests and family safe by using clay pavers on your driveway and pathways. They’re slip-resistant even when wet.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    No damaging chemicals are used in the production of our clay pavers.
  • Complements Your Colour Scheme
    Easily choose a clay paver that will complement the colour scheme of your property with our wide range of colour swatches. Find the right match for your home with our different finishes.
  • Good Value
    Clay pavers don’t fade under the sun. They maintain their colour even after long-term exposure.

Clay Paver Applications

Widely known for entertainment areas, clay pavers have different applications you can use for your home projects.

Patios and Alfresco

Give your patio and entertaining area warmth that instantly invites your guests and makes them feel at home.

Garden Pathways

Building your garden path with clay pavers is not practical but also advantageous. You can make your path as narrow or as wide as you need without cutting too many pavers.


If you prefer a paver that’s easy on the eyes but doesn’t contradict the decor of your home, Clay Pavers is the right paver for you. Their earthy colour brings such warmth your guests would be enticed driving into your driveway.

Clay Paver Installation

Different application has different installation such as paving on concrete has a different method from paving on sand. If you plan on doing your paving DIY, head on to our Knowledge Centre for different installation methods.