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Clay Driveway Pavers - Autumn Sunset

Clay Driveway Pavers

Clay Driveway Pavers are offered in a range of colours that will suit any driveway, patio, and more! Visit your local APC store for these pavers!
Heritage Clay Pavers - Brown - Driveway Clay Pavers

Heritage Clay Pavers

Heritage Clay Pavers are available in four earth tone colours that suit cottage and contemporary style homes.

Old Red Sandstock Pavers

Old Red Sandstock Pavers have a rich, earthy red tone and a textured surface. Great for driveways, garden paths, patios, garden edging and more.
Polished Old Red Brick Paver

Polished Old Red Brick Paver

Polished Old Red Brick Pavers are reclaimed red clay pavers that have a polished and smoothish finish that adds charm to any home.
$69.95 m2
Red Smooth Clay Pavers - 200 x 100 Pavers

Red Smooth Clay Pavers

Red Smooth Clay Pavers are the perfect addition to your landscaping project. Features a smooth finish, bevelled edges and rich Heritage Red colour.
Red Textured Clay Pavers 200 x 100 x 50mm

Red Textured Clay Pavers

Red Textured Clay Pavers have a deep heritage red colour that will complement classic heritage houses and buildings. Great for driveways, patios and more.
Rustic Old Red Brick Paver

Rustic Old Red Brick Paver

Rustic Old Red Brick Paver paver has a distinct blend of reds and whites, creating a unique charm to you home. Pickup your free sample today.
Tumbled Clay Pavers

Tumbled Clay Pavers

Tumbled Clay Pavers have a rustic aesthetic that will transform your outdoor courtyard or landscaping with their quality and durability.
Tumbled Old Red Brick Paver

Tumbled Old Red Brick Paver

Tumbled Old Red Brick Paver have a distinctive tumbled finish that is bound to add a touch of rustic charm to any outdoor landscape.

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FAQ about Clay Pavers

Using clay pavers has many benefits as they don’t fade under the sun, they provide a unique look and are versatile as they can be used for many areas. Clay pavers are salt resistant and stain resistant and ideal to use from driveways to pools.

Clay pavers do not fade in the sun, provide a unique style, are durable and come in many colours. However, concrete pavers have a larger selection of sizes to choose from as well as a large range of products to suit your budget.

A clay paver is a paver made from clay materials that is then heat treated into generally a brick shape. They are uniform is size, are durable, don’t fade and come in a large range of colours.

You can seal clay pavers. At APC, we recommend to seal clay pavers using our Natural Sealer as it penetrates into the clay paver and won’t alter its appearance. You can view our paving sealers here.

APC Has you covered for Clay Pavers in Adelaide

Clay pavers provide a unique finish through their rich, earthy colours and texture giving them the perfect heritage look. These pavers are durable, low maintenance, slip resistant, so they are suitable for busy areas. They can be used for driveways and walkways, garden pathways, patios and alfresco, or around the pool area.

Clay pavers are usually associated with more Traditional style homes however with their large range of colours they now come in, can be used for more modern styles. You can also mix and match the colours to create some beautiful paving patterns. At Australian Paving Centre, our expert staff are here to help our customers understand the benefits of what we have to offer. Not only are clay pavers versatile, but they are also easy to maintain, slip resistant, environmentally friendly, complements most colour schemes and tick the box of value for money.

  • Environmentally Friendly : No damaging chemicals are used during the production phase.
  • <li<Complements Any Colour Scheme : Large colour range available that will complement the colour scheme of any home.

  • Great Value : They don’t fade under the sun and can maintain their colour even after long-term exposure.
Australian Paving Centre is your source for Clay Pavers in South Australia. With 15 stores throughout South Australia there's sure to be an APC store near you.