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We stock a wide range and variety of travertine stone pavers Adelaide. As a result they are very popular as they provide elegance and character that you get from natural stone. As Travertine is cool under foot, it’s perfect for pool areas plus we offer matching pool copers and step treads so you can achieve a seamless finish. These timeless pavers are also suitable for entertaining areas, facades, paths, patio and alfresco areas. These Travertine natural stone pavers can even be used for indoor applications. You can get a no obligation quote online here or find your local Australian Paving Centre.

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Australian Paving Centre has a wide selection of Travertine pavers for you to choose from and we also have a range of matching Travertine tiles to give you a cohesive finish throughout your home. We offer quality Travertine pavers throughout Adelaide at the best prices so contact us to arrange a quote.