Clay Pavers

Clay Pavers

Enhance your outdoor living with our timeless range of clay driveway pavers offered in a range of neutral colours. Whether it’s a path, patio or courtyard, clay pavers are stylish, low maintenance and are highly durable.

Clay pavers provides a unique finish through its rich, earthy colours and texture giving them the perfect heritage look. By mixing and matching different styles of play pavers you can create your own unique design to suit your home!

Who choose clay pavers?

  • Highly durable
  • Available in a variety of designs
  • Colour will never fade
  • Low maintenance – no sealing, no recolouring
  • Offers a natural look over its lifetime
  • Slip resistant; suitable for use in busy areas

These pavers are highly durable and low maintenance, meaning you won’t have to worry about the colour from fading and they are resilient to staining. Clay pavers can be used for driveway and walkways, garden pathways, patios and alfresco, or around the pool area.

Visit your local Australian Paving Centre store in South Australia and we will guarantee we will have the right product to suit your project! Lacking inspiration for your next home project? Check out APC’s slideshow to see how you can use our clay pavers to transform your patio or alfresco area.