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Classic Stone Limestone - 400x400 Paver Seconds

400×400 Paver

Discover our range of affordable and durable 400x400 paver today and turn your outdoor spaces into a masterpiece. Call or visit us in-store today!
Stoneware Seconds 600x300

600×300 Paver

With our 600x300 paver seconds, you'll not only save money but also acquire a quality product that will add charm and functionality to your outdoor areas.
Stoneware Seconds 600x600

600×600 Paver

Bring your vision to life while enjoying exceptional quality and unbeatable value with our our 600x600 Paver seconds. Call or visit us in-store today!
Wallstone Hollow 400x400x40 Seconds

Block Seconds

Looking for great deals? Look no further than Block Seconds! Our stores have a selection of seconds available, offering you products at amazing prices.
Flagpave 250 x 250 Seconds

Brick Seconds

Looking for affordable pavers on a budget? Look no further than Brick Seconds! Great value, quality products brick pavers with slight imperfections.
Seconds $25.95 m2
Stradapave Driveway Pavers - Charcoal 300 x 300 Pavers


Stradapave pavers are cost-effective and multi-functioning making them an excellent option for patios, alfresco, courtyards and more.

APC Has you covered for Seconds in Adelaide

At Australian Paving Centre, we understand that sometimes you’re looking for great value for money. That’s why we offer seconds, which are quality products with slight imperfections. These imperfections are often barely noticeable, but they allow us to offer you amazing prices that won’t break the bank.

Our seconds collection includes a variety of products to suit your landscaping projects. Whether you’re looking for second pavers, garden blocks, concrete blocks, or edging, we have you covered. These products may have minor imperfections, but they are still durable and reliable, ensuring they serve their purpose effectively.

Seconds sell fast due to their exceptional value, so we recommend you get in quick! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your outdoor spaces with affordable yet high-quality materials.

To explore our current stock of seconds, we invite you to get in touch with your local Australian Paving Centre store. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you, providing expert advice and helping you find the perfect products for your project. They can inform you about the specific seconds available and help you choose the best options to suit your needs and preferences.

At Australian Paving Centre, we believe that even seconds can make your outdoor spaces shine. With our range of seconds, you can create beautiful pathways, stunning patios, and sturdy retaining walls, all while enjoying unbeatable value for your investment.

Don’t wait any longer – call or visit your local store today and discover the fantastic range of seconds we have in stock. Upgrade your outdoor areas with top-quality products at affordable prices, and let your creativity pave the way to a more beautiful and functional landscape.

Australian Paving Centre is your source for Seconds in South Australia. With 15 stores throughout South Australia there's sure to be an APC store near you.