Coloured Easy Lock Block

Elastacrete 20L


Elastacrete replaces water in Kemgrip Floor & Wall to make an adhesive that has flexibility, strength, improved bond strength and is chemical resistant.
GuardIt Paving and Concrete Cleaner

GuardIt Paving and Concrete Cleaner

GuardlT Paving & Concrete Cleaner is a high performance cleaner for the removal of grease, oil & grime from hard surfaces
Kemcote Gloss - Dribond

Kemcote Gloss

Kemcote Gloss is a ‘wet look’ hard-wearing, solvent based coating that highlights colour, seals and protects porous surfaces and slate.
Kemgrip Floor & Wall 20kg


Kemgrip Waterproof Tile Adhesive for bedding and fixing tiles and veneer cladding to masonry surfaces. Shop Kemgrip Floor & Wall today.
Kemgrout Sanded - Dribond

Kemgrout Sanded

Kemgrout Sanded is a fine finish, hard wearing, waterproof cement grout for floor and walls. This grout has resistance to mild chemical and acid attacks.
Micro Sealer - Dribond

Micro Sealer

Micro Sealer is a clear sealer for protecting polished porcelain, stoneware and unpolished natural stone surfaces from moisture and helps reduce staining.
Natural Sealer - Dribond

Natural Sealer

Natural Sealer is a clear solvent based sealer that penetrates deep into concrete and masonry surfaces that doesn't change the appearance.
Pave Set 30kg

Pave Set

If paving any high foot traffic area, Pave Set is required to fill the gaps between pavers and bricks to secure their positioning and eliminate movement.

Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining Wall Blocks can stabilise sloping land and prevent damage to your property. Invest in these blocks and visit your local APC store today!
Revive and Seal - Dribond

Revive and Seal

Revive and Seal is a penetrating sealer for porous concrete, brick, tiles and stone, and highlights the substrate colour and seals with a matt finish.