Limestone Blocks Adelaide
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Limestone Block


  • Widely used in all types of construction
  • Excellent natural insulation
  • Excellent fire and acoustic properties
  • Easy to use, easy to cut
  • One of the least expensive building materials

Suitable for

  • Fences
  • Retaining and Garden walls
  • Garden edging
  • Home dwellings
  • Feature walls
  • Fire walls
  • Sculpturing
  • Sound proofing

Colour Range

Rockface Finish
Rockface Finish
Smoothface Finish
Smoothface Finish
Specifications Size (WxHxD) No. per m2 Weight per unit Units per pallet
Limestone Block Edging 660 x 290 x 125mm 5 31kgs 50 units
Limestone Block 660 x 290 x 240mm 5 63kgs 24 units
Rockface Limestone Block 660 x 290 x 120mm 5 31kgs 50 units

Product Description

Limestone Block is a quality stone which is available in two finishes, rockface amd smoothface. Rockface finishes offer a traditional look but can also be used creativelt in modern designs. Smoothface blocks offer a great solution for either contemporary or classic finishes. Retaining walls are a fantastic way to add value, character and appeal to your home. Not only will it accommodate to sloped areas in the garden – it can turn a spare piece of garden into an extension of your living environment. Retaining walls can sometimes be a necessity as it stabilises sloping land and prevents damage to your property. They can also provide an extra form of privacy, block undesirable views, or be a framework for your garden. Want to take on this DIY project yourself? Visit our Knowledge Centre for tips & tricks on the job!