Havenbrick Driveway Pavers - Charcoal 200 x 100 Pavers

Picking a Driveway Paver

AT APC we provide you with all the resources you'll ever need. Watch this video on Picking a Driveway Paver to get ideas and inspiration.
Havenslab Driveway Pavers - Sunstone 400 x 200 Pavers

Driveway Paving Ideas for Your Home

Driveway pavers are perfect for enhancing the look of your home's curb appeal & increasing its functionality. Get ideas to use for your driveway here.
Clay Courtyard Pavers - Earth Straw & Slate

Paving Patterns to Suit Your Home

Designing outdoors requires that you consider what style of paving suits your home. Check our slideshow of paving patterns for ideas here!

APC Has you covered for Driveway Paving in Adelaide

Your driveway is one of the first impressions of your home and aesthetics as well as functionality is important. Australian Paving Centre are here to help you leave the best first and last impression when coming to and from your home.

Our driveway paving resources helps you to understand and determine paving types, various colours, styles, textures and sizes with various looks that can enhance your property. Driveway pavers need to consider –

  • Versatility and Durability – Some types of pavers contribute to the drainage system of your driveway.  Pavers are also four times stronger than poured concrete. They are so durable and are the perfect choice for various soil conditions where poured concrete would otherwise crack. An interlocking paving pattern can also increase its strength.
  • Safety – Pavers that are slip-resistant, allowing for accident free walking and driving, during wet weather conditions.
  • Flexibility to Custom Design – Pavers are available in many colours and shapes. They may also be laid in interlocking patterns that add characteristic and increase strength.
  • Easy Installation – Pavers can be installed quickly and easily without the need for heavy equipment due to their generally small size. They may also be used as soon as they are laid, as opposed to poured concrete, which requires a certain period of time for curing.
  • Little to No Maintenance Needed – Damaged pavers can be easily repaired by lifting the affected area, re-grading and re-compacting the base and bedding sand, and relaying pavers. They require very little maintenance, especially if the drainage system is fit properly.

Before selecting your driveway pavers, read through our articles to understand why choosing the right paver as well as your paving pattern, is important. At Australian Paving Centre we take pride in our knowledge in the field and industry. We are always looking to assist our customers with insights and information. Explore our blog posts below that range anywhere from picking the right pavers, paving patterns, colours and more.

If you get stuck you can always reach out to your local APC team of experts and ask any questions you want.