Euro Stone Outdoor Garden Pavers | Riveria 600 x 400 Pavers

Exposed Aggregate Pavers

Exposed aggregate pavers are also known as shot blast pavers. Here we talk about the difference between these and standard pavers
Smooth Paving Stone - Linen 400 x 400 Pool Pavers

DIY Paving

See this video guide of how you can easily transform your idle space into a functional area by learning DIY paving with a professional finish.
Euro Classic Courtyard Pavers | Athens 400 x 400 Pavers

About APC Knowledge Centre

The APC Paving knowledge Centre is a collection of the best information you need about pavers, retaining walls, garden walls, steps, and more!
Black Granite Pool Area Pavers

How To Pave The APC Way?

Planning a DIY paving project? APC shows you a video on how our professional team does paving the right way with 'How To Pave The APC Way'.
DIY Paver Brochure

Quick Tips On How To Pave

When you get the right advice, paving your own area is not that difficult. Read on to get ideas from APC experts on how to pave the right way.

APC Has you covered for DIY and How To Resources in Adelaide

Here at Australian Paving Centre not only do we have Adelaide’s largest and widest range of pavers and paving supplies, but we also have Adelaide’s biggest range of DIY Paving and Paving Resources.

No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or expert paver we have something for you that will be sure to help out. From preparation to planning, laying to maintenance you will be sure to find some insights below.

Our DIY Paving and Paving Resources covers everything from paving, retaining walls, garden edging, preparation, maintenance, installation and more. If you can’t find an answer to something you are looking for in our knowledge centre or are wanting extra information on general paving ideas for your home, you can visit your local Australian Paving Centre. Alternatively, get in touch with our team of friendly expert staff who are always happy to answer all of your questions.