Eco Grass Pave

Eco Grass Pave is a permeable paver that combines functionality with environmental benefits. Designed for residential driveways, paths and holiday homes.
Colour Range
Grey Easy Lock Block - Natural Grey Grey
Disclaimer: Colour swatches on this website are a guide only. We recommend to view the latest product samples instore before making your final selection.
  • Permeable pavers
  • Grass grows through paver
  • Slip resistant
  • Free samples available
  • Domestic driveways
  • Holiday homes
  • Footpaths
Product Pieces
Eco Grass Pave Paver
Specifications Size No.per m2 Weight per m2 m2 per pallet
Eco Grass Pave 400 x 200 x 70mm 12.5 7.6kg each 168

Sustainable Paving with Eco Grass Pave

Eco Grass Pave is an innovative permeable paver that combines functionality with environmental benefits. Designed for residential applications, our pavers offer a practical alternative to traditional paving options.

What Are Permeable Pavers?

Permeable pavers are a paving solution that allows water to pass through the surface and into the ground below. Unlike traditional pavers, which are often water resistant and can cause water runoff, permeable pavers facilitate natural water absorption. This is achieved through the design of the paver itself, which includes gaps or porous materials that enable water to filter through.

Grass Grows Through Paver

Eco Grass Pave supports grass growth through the paver, creating a lush, green appearance that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space. Enjoy the look and feel of a natural lawn without sacrificing the durability and structure of traditional pavers.

Slip Resistant

Safety is a top priority with Eco Grass Pave. The pavers feature a slip-resistant surface, making them an ideal choice for areas prone to wet conditions. Whether it’s a driveway, footpath, or holiday homes, you can walk or drive with confidence knowing our pavers provide excellent traction.

Eco Grass Pave is only suitable for traffic up to approximately 2,700 kgs or light domestic vehicular traffic only and is not for commercial use. Eco Grass paver must be laid in accordance with Australian building standards for driveway paving.

Free Samples Available

At APC, we believe in the quality of our products and want you to experience it firsthand. Contact us today to request a free sample of Eco Grass Pave and see how it can transform your outdoor space.

Australian Paving Centre will beat any competitors price on the same or similar products in South Australia. See our full terms and conditions here.

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