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Retaining walls and in particular retaining wall blocks help in beautifying and adding value to your home. They are also the best option when it comes to protecting your home from flooding. Another alternative is concrete sleepers. Concrete sleepers in Adelaide come in various colours, sizes, and textures resembling wood, rock, and stone.

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Laying out

The area you are planning for landscaping or building the retaining wall with cement sleepers has to be on one level.  Create a string line on the surface and fastened the string to pegs. Ram the pegs into the earth a few inches deep at a distance of 500mm from one end to the other end of the retaining wall. Mark the hole for digging. If you are using a 1800mm outback sleeper in length, you must mark the holes 1800mm apart.

Base Preparation

Excavate the area with the help of a mini loader with a 300mm auger. Dig around 600mm deep and 450mm round for attaching fence brackets. Ensure that you leave minimum 200mm for backfilling the retaining wall.

Place posts and fill concrete

Once the area is dug, place a post and ensure it is straight and at a level with the string line using a spirit level. Continue with the other post and keep a minimum 40mm for lean back. Concrete the posts after confirming they are at an equal level. Recheck the distance between each post and fill the hole with concrete containing a mixture of cement, gravel, and sand up to 600 mm from the top.

Install sleepers and backfill

Wait for a day for the concrete to dry. Slide the sleepers into the posts the next day. Adjust the height of the sleeper by packing it to the bottom level of the post. After slotting the sleepers, wait for one week to backfill with crushed rock. Don’t forget to place ag pipe at the back of the retaining wall for water to escape. Fill the gravel up to 200 mm from the top of the lower sleeper. Place a soil plug and fill the wall to the top. Your concrete sleeper wall is ready to do its work.

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Outback sleepers are popular for retaining walls due to its durability and visual appeal. To check concrete sleepers price, contact Australian Paving Centre on 1800 191 131.