10 Patio Paving ideas to make the most of your outdoor living space

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If you’re planning on paving your entertaining areas and patio, we provide you with 10 things to consider before you start.

Start with a clear design

It’s important that before you start looking at pavers or outdoor tiles, make sure you have a clear design of what you are wanting for your space. Sketch out your area on paper and measure the space you are working with. Having measurements also helps with selecting your products so the number of cuts can also be considered.

Large format makes areas appear larger

If you’re working with a smaller space, a larger style of paver or outdoor tile will provide the illusion of making the areas look bigger. Lighter and more natural colours also help to brighten the area and make it feel more spacious.

Look at the paving products’ features

Every product has its own features. Consider what features are important to you and your lifestyle. Do you need a paver or outdoor tile that is slip and scratch resistant? Do you like to entertain and want something that is stain resistant? Will the space be in full sun so you require a product that is cool under foot? The features of your paver or outdoor tile is very important.

Make it seamless with indoor and outdoor tiles

In today’s modern living, our outdoor space is an extension of our inside living. Make your outdoor patio feel part of your home by using the same product. Ensure that your outdoor paving tile comes with a matching indoor tile. By using the same product not only provides cohesion but will also make both spaces appear larger.

Consider if you need matching garden walls or pool coping

If your home improvements extend further than just your patio paving, you may want to consider if the product you choose, has other matching products to use around your home. For example, if you are putting in a pool or updating your pool area, a product that has a matching coping such as bullnose or drop face is something you may be looking for. The choice of colour you choose for your patio paving may need to also match garden or retaining walls.

Link the house with your garden

To make your home connect with your garden, consider the use of a paved pathway or stepping stones. You can create some beautiful features and interesting walkways with the use of stepping stones and paving and is a nice way to connect to your other garden spaces. Lawn edge is also a great way to create neat garden edging that makes mowing easier!

Consider a vertical garden wall and pots to enhance your space

If your patio space is fairly small, vertical gardens are a great alternative to saving space as well as creating a beautiful backdrop to your outside living. If you don’t have a wall to work with, the use of different sized pots placed in various corners will soften the space.

Retaining wall blocks to add seating to your space

Have you considered using retaining wall blocks around your patio space to create inbuilt seating? They can act as a dual purpose by creating a retaining wall, a garden bed, separation to areas, build in your barbeque and that added bonus of seating. You can be inspired about making your wall dual purpose here

Patio lighting for your evenings

When designing your patio space, consider how lighting can be incorporated as well as what types of lighting you want to use. Adding the perfect patio lighting can complement and enhance your space to make the most out of it. Make it the perfect space for gathering guests or just relaxing with a book.

DIY or Tradie installed

You should decide upfront if you are going to lay your paving or outdoor tiles yourself or if you plan to get a Tradie to do the job. If you are going DIY, our expert staff can provide you with various resources to help get the job done. Different products may require different installation methods so make sure to ask the question. If using a Tradie, ask if they have laid your product before. If you don’t have a Tradie for the job, at APC we can help with that too.

Our preferred tradies operate independently of APC. We do our best to match a local tradie to your project, however you must conduct your own due diligence on these businesses. Please ensure they are currently licensed and insured for the work they are undertaking.

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