Paving and Outdoor Tiles for your Entertaining space, Patios and Alfresco

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When it comes to outdoor paving or outdoor tiles for your entertaining areas, patios and alfresco spaces, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting your product.  It can be overwhelming with the huge range of options, how to make your choice.  It’s important to choose a product that is not only going to match your aesthetic but also your lifestyle.

Choosing the colour for your outdoor tile or paver

A few points worth noting when it comes to your paver colour are both light and heat. Stark whites in direct sunlight can be quite bright through the peak of the day, while dark colours like charcoals and black can withhold heat increasing the surface temperature on a hot day.

Keep in mind that the instore paving display will always appear lighter once home and laid in a large area.

Next, recognise that colour can affect the apparent size of a space. Lighter pavers can make an area look larger and darker colours can make a space look smaller and more intimate. If you can’t decide what colour works best, go neutral! It’s much easier to match any future enhancements in a space with neutral colours.

How to choose the size

Your internal tiles or size of the space may dictate your outdoor paving or outdoor tile choice. As a general rule of thumb, small pavers with more joins can make an area feel smaller and larger pavers with fewer joins can simplify the space and create a more open feel.

The current trend in pavers is large format sizes in squares and rectangles from 400x400mm right up to 1200x600mm. These larger pavers mean less product to shift and lay but make sure you consider the weight of each paver – as these pavers weigh up to 34kg each, and if you or your tradesman need to move these pavers by hand, that can add to your bill (or fitness!). 

Smaller pavers allow for more scope in laying patterns that you don’t get with a larger paver. Other times a smaller paver may come in handy such as against garden beds. Smaller pavers are easier to manipulate around curves which will allow you to minimise your cuts and wastage.

Features and Benefits

It’s important that you check the features and the benefits of each of the products you are considering, to see if they fit with your lifestyle and purpose. Many pavers have different features – not all pavers are the same! For example, if you’re needing a paver that is cool under foot as it will be in full sun, then Travertine would be your best option. If you’re looking for a paver that is stain and scratch resistant, then consider our Stoneware range. You also want to consider the surface texture of your paver.  At APC, we list all the features and benefits of each of our products on our website and in the brochures. If you’re still not sure, speak with our expert staff.

Create a design statement

Pavers don’t just serve a purpose but they also transform a space and add value to your home. It’s important to consider your paving project as an investment in your home, just like any other home improvements you make. Your entertaining space is an extension of your living area so you want to make it comfortable, relaxing and look great! You can create some visually stunning spaces that will provide a key aesthetic to your home as well as become an important area to entertain, gather with friends, barbeque with the family or a chill out space for you to relax.

Create a decking look

If you like the look of timber but don’t want the upkeep that goes with it, then consider a product like Stoneware Timber. Decking can be nice, but it can wear and splinter, crack, fade and requires regular upkeep. You can achieve that same timber style but with timber look outdoor tiles.

Stoneware Timber flooring is a high quality porcelain outdoor paver that provides a timber flooring style and comes in 4 earthy colours.

Or if you’re after a more textured look, our Timber Stone is perfect for that more raw look.

Stoneware Timber Pavers - Indoor Outdoor Pavers Adelaide - Manly 1200 x 300 Pavers
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Don’t be afraid to mix it up

When it comes to your outdoor living space, don’t be afraid to mix up products, colours, textures and sizes. Play around with the idea of using a couple of different paving options. You’ll be surprised at how well so many products mix and match and this is because they are designed to work together. You’ll achieve a more natural look which can be complemented with pots and plants, outdoor furniture as well as lighting.

If it’s in full sun, go Travertine!

Any outdoor spaces that are likely to be in sun a lot of the time, such as paths and pools, will require an outdoor tile or paving option that will be cool under foot. Travertine is perfect for this reason – it not only looks impressive, but being the natural limestone product that it is, it doesn’t retain the heat like other options do, like concrete, so it is comfortable to walk on in bare feet. Travertine comes in a huge range of colours, styles and matching coping with French Pattern being a popular choice. Some of our stores have Travertine laid in their showroom – visit either APC Westbourne Park, APC South Coast, or APC Lonsdale to experience it for yourself!

Choosing your paver or outdoor tile for your lifestyle

If you like to entertain guests, a stain resistant option may be what you need. Have kids or pets? You may want to consider scratch and slip resistant. Outdoor tiles and pavers have come a long way! The colour range, sizes, textures and natural stone including marble, Travertine, limestone, porcelain, granite and bluestone can make choosing your product overwhelming. Rather than looking at your options as a whole, think about your lifestyle and what you want the product to do for you. This will help reduce the options to choose from so that you’re choosing the right product for your purpose. Speak with our expert staff and they can help talk through your options. At APC, we also offer free samples to help making your choice easier.

Sealing your paving

Once you’ve got your newly paved or outdoor tiled space, while its clean and looking brand new, you’ll want to keep it looking that way. So now would be a good time to seal them. Not only does sealing your pavers help keep them looking good, it also helps with maintaining them and keeping them clean.

View our range of cleaning and sealing products here –

And while you’re creating your entertaining area and or tiling outdoor patio areas, consider garden or retaining walls to complement the space. You can also make your walling dual purpose, such as create in-built seating. For more idea and inspiration on how to incorporate dual purpose walling, read our blog here –

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