What are the Best Permeable Pavers?

Turfgrid Charcoal Driveway - Charcoal 420 x 315 Pavers

Permeable pavers are different to regular pavers. They combine functionality and environmental consciousness by allowing water to pass through the surface. This reduces runoff and promotes sustainable water management.

Permeable pavers are designed with voids or gaps between each paver to allow the water to infiltrate through the surface and into the ground below. This eco-friendly alternative to usual concrete pavers, helps to mitigate issues related to water such as stormwater runoff, erosion and water flooding.

Void spaces

The most distinctive feature of permeable pavers is the gaps between each piece which can vary in size and shape. These voids provide water infiltration preventing surface runoff.

Material Composition

Permeable pavers are commonly made from materials such as porous concrete, interlocking concrete pavers and permeable clay pavers. The choice of material depends on factors such a load-bearing capacity and aesthetic preferences.


Permeable pavers typically have a modular design which allows for easy installation and replacement. This feature adds to their versatility and able to adapt for various applications including driveways, walkways and patios.

Stormwater Management

One of the main advantages of permeable paving is their ability to manage stormwater effectively. Allowing rainwater to infiltrate the ground reduces the volume and speed of runoff, minimising erosion and flooding.

Environmental Sustainability

They contribute to sustainable development by promoting groundwater recharge and maintaining the natural water balance. They also help filter pollutants and prevent them from reaching water bodies, therefore protecting the environment.

Reduce Heat

Unlike traditional surfaces, permeable paving absorbs less heat. This can provide more comfortable outdoor spaces.

The best and most effective permeable paving are the following products –

Eco Grass Pave 400 x 200 x 70 Paver

Eco Grass Pave

Eco Grass Pave is a permeable paver that combines functionality with environmental benefits. Designed for residential driveways, paths and holiday homes.
Eco Villastone Permeable Pavers

Eco Villastone®

Eco Villastone® pavers allow water to permeate through the surface, reducing runoff and minimising environmental impact. Residential and commercial driveways, pavements and footpaths.
Ecopave Driveway Pavers


Ecopave is a paver designed for residential, multi-residential, commercial paving applications where sustainable water management should be considered.
Ecotrihex Permeable Paving - Charcoal & Natural Grey 188 x 92 Pavers


Ecotrihex is a paver designed for residential, multi-residential and commercial paving applications where sustainable water management should be considered.
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Ecopave Permeable Pavers

Permeable Brick Paver

Permeable Brick Pavers are the ideal solution for driveways and garden paths where the grass is often left muddy after rain.
Turfgrid Driveway Pavers


Turfgrid stabilises soft land and permits water to filtrate through the surface layer minimalising any water build-up. Find out more with APC!

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