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Anchorlok | Charcoal | 225 x 225 Paver


Anchorlok pavers feature an interlocking design that allows the pavement to support heavy traffic loads when used for an industrial application.
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Brick Paver - Charcoal

Brick Paver

The Brick Paver is an extremely versatile, lightweight & easy to install paver, which makes it a great DIY project adding visual appeal to your home.
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Carriageway Pavers

Carriageway Brick Paver

Transform your outdoor space with the timeless charm and versatility of our Carriageway Brick Paver.
Commercial Brick Pavers

Commercial Brick Pavers

Commercial Brick Pavers are a traditional brick paver suitable for residential pavements and industrial hardstand pavements.
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Drivelok Pathway | Natural Grey


Drivelok interlocking pavers are suitable for commercial and residential projects. This traditional paving design is hard-wearing and easy to install.
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Driveway Interlocking Pavers

Driveway Interlocking Pavers

Driveway Interlocking Pavers are traditional brick pavers suitable for residential pavements & industrial hardstand pavements. Visit APC to learn more!
Eco Villastone Permeable Pavers

Eco Villastone®

Eco Villastone® pavers allow water to permeate through the surface, reducing runoff and minimising environmental impact. Residential and commercial driveways, pavements and footpaths.
Ecopave Driveway Pavers


Ecopave is a paver designed for residential, multi-residential, commercial paving applications where sustainable water management should be considered.
Ecotrihex Permeable Paving - Charcoal & Natural Grey 188 x 92 Pavers


Ecotrihex is a paver designed for residential, multi-residential and commercial paving applications where sustainable water management should be considered.
Commercial Brick Pavers Exposed Aggregate Paver with Sunstone Exposed Aggregate Border


Hollandstone is a versatile traditional brick shaped paver that is tried and tested solution for commercial pavements and industrial hardstand pavements.
Pacepave Side Pathway - Charcoal 195 x 195 Pavers


Pacepave Pavers are the perfect solution for all your garden, driveway and commercial paver needs! Call APC today to find out more!
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Ecopave Permeable Pavers

Permeable Brick Paver

Permeable Brick Pavers are the ideal solution for driveways and garden paths where the grass is often left muddy after rain.
Ecotrihex & Trihex - Charcoal 188 x 92 Pavers


Trihex pavers are interlocking concrete pavers suitable for residential pavements and industrial hardstand pavements. Find out more from your local store.
Turfgrid Driveway Pavers


Turfgrid stabilises soft land and permits water to filtrate through the surface layer minimalising any water build-up. Find out more with APC!
Unipave Commercial Pathway Paving - Desert Sand 225 x 112 Pavers


Unipave pavers are available in smooth, honed or shot blasted finishes and are available in a range of colours that will suit any job.
Villastone Pathway Pavers - Natural Grey 190 x 190 Pavers


A brilliant all purpose, value for money paver, Villastone pavers are an attractive, economical paver for laying over larger areas.

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FAQ about Commercial Pavers

Pavers are usually cheaper than poured concrete and are much easier to maintain. The base preparation for both is generally the same. Installation of pavers is cheaper than concrete.

60mm brick pavers are generally the strongest pavers to use. This is due to the fact you can lay these in an interlocking pattern, such as herringbone, which increases its strength and durability. As the pavers compact over time, this increases its strength even further.

Pavers are as strong as concrete and depending on what paver and paving pattern you choose can also increase the strength and durability of your paving. Pavers do not crack like poured concrete. Learn more about how paving patterns can make a difference here.

It is recommended to use a minimum 50mm paver for your driveway. A brick shape paver is also recommended for sloping driveways in an interlocking pattern to provide greater strength. APC have a huge range of driveway pavers here.

APC Has you covered for Commercial Pavers in Adelaide

Here at Australian Paving Centre we have a variety of Commercial Pavers that are a suitable solution for all commercial jobs and high traffic areas.

These particular pavers are extremely strong and resistant to breaking making them the perfect pavers for businesses, Councils and Local Governments where there is high traffic or heavy weight bearing vehicles.

Our commercial pavers have an interlocking design, can be machine laid, have strong stability and strength and are available in smooth, shot blast or honed finish. They can be used for streetscapes, footpaths, heavy industrial traffic areas, Government and Council projects or road infrastructure.

Our range of pavers include 60mm and 80mm options and come in a range of colours and finishes.

Australian Paving Centre is your source for Commercial Pavers in South Australia. With 15 stores throughout South Australia there's sure to be an APC store near you.